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An Authentic Italian Experience at Your Doorstep

Updated October 4, 2021By Ernesto Martinez

As food lovers, we know there are more than a thousand ways to utilize one ingredient and make it into our favorite meal. However, sometimes we get bored of the same routine food, so we might need a little inspiration. TerraMar Imports has you covered!

We are proud to introduce our authentic Italian boxes. With an assortment of ingredients and ready-to-eat snacks, these boxes will allow you to explore a world of flavors!

Each box includes a curated assortment of authentic Italian ingredients that pair well together. Whether you’d like to make a feast for one night or create traditional Italian meals for the whole month, these ingredients will bring the authentic Italian experience into your home.

Learn about the inspiration behind each box below:

Antipasti BoxAntipasti Box


A generous selection of cheeses, meats, and a colorful variety of olives for a gorgeous antipasti spread. This collection will be the highlight of any party as you bring together the flavors of Italy as an appetizer, charcuterie board, or just a snack for yourself! Pair it with your favorite wine and create an astonishing spread.

The beautiful box presentation creates a wonderful gift set as a formal thank you or care package.

The Classic Italian Box

The Classic Italian Box

Adorned with fresh ingredients and bright flavors, this box curates the perfect culinary lineup for a series of traditional Italian meals or one big feast bringing plenty of pasta and sauce to the table. This authentic assortment is the perfect combination for entertaining guests or preparing a traditional family dinner.

The beautiful box presentation and serving sizes create a wonderful gift set to be shared with your loved ones or as a housewarming gift.

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Cucina Tradizionale BoxCucina Tradizionale Box


Meaning “traditional kitchen” in Italian, the Cucina Tradizionale box will allow you to experience a curated selection of the finest artisan crafted pasta cuts paired with our favorite variety of sauces.

From hand-picked tomatoes to the fresh grilled peppers, this authentic Italian box will transform your pantry into a chef’s culinary dream. Whether you stick to classic pairings or create your own, it's always the right time for some authentic Italian pasta!

The beautiful box presentation and serving sizes create a wonderful gift set as a ‘thank you’ or care package.

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Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two


Take yourself and a date on an Italian culinary tour through this carefully selected assortment for a Dinner for Two.

Experience a delicious extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, artisan crafted pasta, and rosemary breadsticks that all create the setting of an ideal romantic getaway.

The beautiful box presentation and serving sizes create a wonderful gift set for a couple or close friends.

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Italian Pomodori Box

Italian Pomodori Box

Nothing seems more homey than the true flavors of traditional red pasta sauce simmering on the stove for hours as family and friends come together, and the Italian Pomodori Box does just that! The large family of sauces included in this box are made with authentic Italian heritage and the ultimate in kitchen professionalism. Our favorite recommendation is the delectable roasted garlic cherry tomato sauce marrying a maniche pasta creating a masterful combination of ruby red sauce with a unique bronze dyed pasta.

Submerge in the authentic taste of these lovely sauces for yourself or send to a loved one as a beautiful care package.

Italian Signature Collection Box

Italian Signature Collection Box

The Italian Signature Collection Box offers the most authentic and high quality products into a single container. The signature collection contains products identified as Protected Designation of Origin to ensure the highest quality of agricultural products and production set forth by the European Union. This gourmet collection ensures a five-star dining experience with the premium selection of products to create a lineup of pantry essentials or a worldly dining experience. 

This premium assortment calls for a special occasion for those closest to you. Whether you’d like to offer a premium Italian pasta or all-natural gourmet sauces, the list for pastabilities is endless.

La Festa di Antipasti Box

La Festa di Antipasti Box

Delivering a grand experience through an assortment of pasta and antipasti, the La Festa di Antipasti Box was designed for large entertainment and gatherings to produce a Sunday feast for a family! Serve an extensive array of canapés and bruschettas as the bronze dyed pasta cooks over the boiling water to entertain your guests. However, be sure to not consume too much as the handmade paccheri pasta is a true delicacy that cannot be found in your local market.

The design behind the La Festa di Antipasti calls for a large gathering, but it can also provide a series of meals and snacks over a period of time. Save it for your next event or share with new homeowners ready to fill their pantry!

Porcini Lovers Box

Porcini Lovers Box

Mushrooms are one of the most versatile kitchen ingredients providing a limitless amount of recipes that can be created. With this in focus, the Porcini Lovers Box honed into the unique Italian porcini mushroom bringing earthy and nutty flavors to any recipe that it is added into. From mushroom risotto to cheese polenta with minced porcini mushrooms, this box is ideal for anyone who is a fungi (not to be confused by a fun guy) lover with an enhanced layer of flavor and texture.

Create a series of diverse meals with the addition of porcini mushrooms and pecorino cheese as you enjoy a classic Italian salami with the Porcini Lovers Box.

Spicy Pepperoncini Box

 Spicy Pepperoncini Box

Packing the true Calabrian heat from southern Italy, the Spicy Pepperoncini Box unloads a world of flavor and spice in one single container. While this food box is made for the spicy food lovers, the fiery flavors can be controlled with measured portions or added as a base to your cooking. It is recommended enjoying the contents of the box in separate portions as the flavor should be more important than the heat each product contains.  

Enjoy the fiery flavors of Calabria as you unpack the heat of the pepperoncini peppers in each product!

Taste of Italy Box

Taste of Italy Box


Experience the ultimate culinary taste of Tuscany through the Taste of Italy Box. As true food connoisseurs, Italians have a passion for cooking and dining with southern Italy showcasing their bold flavors of tomato and fine olive oil, while the northern region highlighting high quality mushrooms and pesto sauces. This box delivers a wide array of handmade artisan products to pesto made with Italian basil harvested in the hill country. 


Bring the taste of traditional sauces and pasta while entertaining your guests with a full set of antipasti. You may also be inclined to gift Italy in a box to your loved ones!


We hope you are as excited as we are about our new boxes! Below are some of the questions we have anticipated:

Does my box have instructions?

Yes! Inside the box, you will find a QR code that you may scan with your mobile phone to obtain a full list of recipes. 

When can I start ordering?

The Italian boxes will be available for online ordering beginning August 24th, 2021.

What will my box include?

The exact contents of your Italian dinner box will vary depending on which assortment is selected. Most of the collections have enough servings to accommodate at least four individuals, except for the Italian Dinner for Two box. No matter the box, it will be filled with authentic Italian staples and an abundance of deliciousness.

Will I need more ingredients?

You may need other ingredients depending on your diet and meal. Our new Italian boxes will deliver the most authentic ingredients that are the core need for your recipe, so we put it all together to get you started. The remaining ingredients you may need vary from meats, vegetables, and other basic household items that you should already have in your pantry!

Will there be new boxes soon?

Yes! Our team is sourcing and pairing new products each week, but we want to ensure you’ll be receiving only the highest quality ingredients to elevate your next meal. Stay tuned on the release of new international boxes!

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