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Dr. Laura Murillo meets with Javier Castello

November 29, 2021 | By Ernesto M. Becerra

Dr. Laura Murillo, President of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, recently met with Javier Castello, CEO of TerraMar Imports in efforts to highlight our small business centralized in Houston, Texas.

TerraMar Imports was born with the idea of providing authentic international cuisine to food lovers in the United States. By introducing the food and paellas from Valencia, Spain, Javier Castello quickly embarked into exploring new ways to bring the comfort of other countries into the United States. As TerraMar Imports partnered with more premium companies, it soon expanded to provide food from France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Greece, and gourmet products from the United States.

TerraMar Imports not only has succeeded in e-commerce expansion, but we have also succeeded in partnering with local Houston businesses! In efforts to provide meals to those in need, we have decided to partner with the Houston Food Bank for monthly to quarterly donations. Additionally, TerraMar Imports has been collaborating with Cristo Rey Jesuit Preparatory School to offer real-life working experience to students and aid them in choosing a career path.

Listen to the interview below and learn more about the community involvement and products offered at TerraMar Imports:

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