Get To Know: Masía El Altet

The incredible olive oils from Masía el Altet are created from centuries old olive trees that have been cared for through generations. They are located right off the Mediterranean Sea, in the Alicante Mountains of Valencia. Where their fields sit in Italy is the ideal climate for creating the highest quality olives in the world and their award winning olive oils are the proof.


When the current owner, Jorge Petit, inherited the estate, his goal was to bottle an olive oil that could encapsulate the genuine essence of his universe. He quickly understood that in order to do that, he needed to preserve his family traditions and embrace current agricultural practices. From this idea, four unique olive oils were born: High Quality, Premium, Special Selection and High End.


Olives often reach maturity at varying times but Masía El Altet is patient. They wait until the perfect moment for each olive tree to be picked and then immediately take the olives to their oil mill. Using the latest technology, they extract the juices and keep everything at low temperatures. The olive oils are then stored in stainless steel tanks in their air conditioned storeroom before being bottled.

Temperature is one of the key factors in making Masía El Altet’s olive oil such high quality. To this end, they engineered further refrigeration systems into their tanks that store the olive oil. This innovation ensures a constant temperature of 13 to 15ºC while the oil is protected from oxidation with nitrogen.



This oil is procured from olive trees located between two natural parks, Sierra de mariola and the Front Roja. It embodies the natural taste of its surroundings. Therefore, it is often paired with fresh produce, enhancing their flavorings and aromatic taste. It also is perfect to use with light fish, meats and cheeses.

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High Quality

High Quality is made from a variety of olives, such as Alfafarenca, Blanqueta and Genovesa. It was the first extra virgin olive oil created by Masía El Altet and continues to prove time and time again the quality of this brand. It is often paired with light fish, meats and cheeses but enhances the flavors of fruits better than any other olive oil on the market.

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Special Selection

Special Selection is an extra virgin olive oil with touches of bitterness that brings out complex flavors. It is often paired with any oily fish, red meats or strong cheeses. We recommend trying this olive oil for pasta containing vegetables to allow each flavor to come through.

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High End

Masía El Altet’s most exclusive olive oil is the High End, it is made from Picual olives, only found in Spain. As their highest quality olive oil, it has universal possibilities for food pairings. They recommend pairing it with oily fish, red meat, pasta and all vegetables. It also has been used by many accomplished chefs in desserts and for baking.

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Masía El Altet is a premier supplier of Spanish Olive Oil. They are dedicated to cultivating the highest quality product they can, combining traditional methods with modern innovations. Interested in learning more about their story? Read about it on their website.

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