Les Petit Apéritifs Box

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Explore the flavors of France without having to purchase a plane ticket! Let yourself get carried away in a c’est la vie moment to enjoy an outdoor picnic with Les Petite Apéritifs Box. Taste the French culinary flavors with an array of authentic French artisanal appetizers ideal for a charcuterie board with a bold wine. From savory duck rillettes to sweet buttery cookies, this French box will have you enamoured as if it’s la vie en rose.

Duck Rillettes (2.8 oz) — Shredded duck meat seasoned with white wine, onions, herbs, and spices for a rustic flavor that pairs excellently with crusty bread and wine.
Extra Fine Gherkin Pickles (6.7 oz) — High quality pickles infused with a perfect blend of sweet and sour dill flavors make an ideal addition to any cheese plate, appetizer bar, or hors d'oeuvre tray.
Moutarde Ancienne (2.8 oz) — A creamy, robust mustard made with all-natural ingredients and packed with a full flavor of a true Dijon.
Whole Wheat Petits Toasts (2.8 oz) — Organic whole wheat toasts with a perfectly crunchy texture and mild sour taste ideal for a pâté or as an alternative to crackers.
Eggplant Caviar (120 g) — Prepared with delicious grilled aubergines and grilled eggplant skin, this bold spread draws its unique flavor from the touch of honey for a refined result.
Asparagus & Candied Lemon Delice (120 g) — Sweet and citrusy spread made from a combination of fresh spring asparagus with preserved lemons and honey ideal for crostini or crackers.
Sweet Onion Confit (7.6 oz) — Savory and sweet confit made of caramelized onions slowly cooked in white wine. Ideal to accompany red meats, goat cheese, and hamburgers.
Green Picholine Olives (6.5 oz) — Small green French olives harvested in Southern France and stored in a salty brine perfect for a salad or to be served as an appetizer.
French Butter Cookies (125 g) — Pure butter cookies made in the French countryside with a crumbly texture ideal for a savory afternoon snack or to accompany your breakfast spread.

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