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Tour all of Italy with this bundle. Taste the difference in the salami based upon the region it was created. Expirience the fennel from Florence and the Tartufo from the Trento. You will truly understand what Italy has to offer. The Salumeria has become synonymous with la famiglia, and we are happy to invite your family to be a part of ours. Paired with the most incredible handmade cheese from Wisconsin. Cheese Brothers keeps things simple: milk, salt, natural cultures that's it. None of our products are ever processed or artificial in any way. Just good, old fasioned Wisconsin cheese. Seasonings are always natural and simple, never artificial.

Tartufo Black Summer Truffle Uncured Salami (6 oz)  For the most special occasions, black truffles are added to your traditional Italian salami. The black truffle adds a simple buttery element to an already complex flavor.
Felina Red Wine and Garlic Salami (6 oz)  Tradition in a salami. Nonna always has this drying in the back of the fridge. This simple but wonderful salami serves as the base for many other varieties.
Calabrese White Wine & Mild Peppers Uncured Salami (6 oz)  A Calabrian style salami, where the sweetness of the pork is complimented by the heat of Calabrian peppers.
Pistacchio Spicy Uncured Salami with Pistacchios (6 oz)  Inspired by the Turkish who immigrated to Calabria. Forced to improvise, they replaced the walnuts and raisins in their recipes with pistachios and sweet peppers.
"Bantam" Honey Sriracha (6 oz)  Bantam roosters come with a reputation one that spurred the phrase "mad as a banty rooster." They're full of spitfire and attitude, like the Sriracha in our Bantam gouda. But cuddle and coddle these birds, and they can be sweet as honey. It's why we called our Honey Sriracha Gouda BANTAM. Best for keeping things spicy-sweet.
"Nonna Mozz" Smoked Mozzarella (6 oz)  Smoldering with passion, Nonna Mozz weaves murky tales of times long past to any gathering. Made the old-fashioned way in our Wisconsin packhouse, this naturally smoked mozzarella cheese is worthy of Nonna's name. Use it to deepen and expand the flavor of pizzas or serve on its own with smoked meats.
Harvest Dill Havarti Cheese (6 oz)  The Harvest is a time to reap what you sow. To sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's bounty. This cheese is our tribute to this season, a fresh and verdant blend of buttery Havarti and herbaceous dill. Try it with fresh salmon, fruit preserves, a crisp glass of white wine, or all of the above.
• Made by Terramar Imports
• Product of USA

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