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Nothing says summer like a delicious charcuterie board filled with Italy and Spain's finest cheeses, spreads, crackers, and more! This bundle is perfect for anything your summer has in store, including date nights, parties, or cozy nights in.

  • Manchego Aurora 3 month Fixed Weight Wedge - 6oz - Manchego is a DOP cheese that can be made only from the milk of the Manchega sheep that graze in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo, all of which form the region of La Mancha. The best cheese is produced when the milk is richest, between August and December. The pattern on the rind honors a time when the cheese was wrapped in sheets of woven esparto grass. This award-winning pasteurized Manchego from Cuenca is nutty and full flavored.

  • Mahon 4 Months Fixed Weight Wedge - 6oz The most famous cheese from the Balearic Islands, Mahon is a square-shaped wheel with a characteristic orange rind. It is made with milk from island cows who live in the protected biosphere of the island of Menorca. He ages it 4 months, giving it a creamy texture with plenty of moisture in the paste. It is mild and buttery with a nutty finish. Perfect for melting.

  • Chickpeas Hummus with Vegetables Cream Spread Jar - 4.4 oz - Hummus means “chickpea” in Arabic, and this is the colloquial name for the cold chickpea spread with lemon and tahini (sesame paste). Rosara has taken this great recipe from Middle Eastern cuisine to the next level by adding a vegetable stew (tomato, pepper, courgette, olive oil) and a light touch of spices, resulting in a balanced dish full of nuances.

  • Date Fruit Log - 6.35 oz - These firm and flavorful fruit logs made with Marcona almonds are perfect for a cheese plate, quick snack, or dessert. Just slice and serve!

  • Natural Cornicabra Olives - 12 oz The Cornicabra olive is a widely cultivated variety in Spain with its origins in the region of Toledo. In Spanish, the name “Cornicabra” refers to the pointed goat horn shape of the fruit, but don’t be worried, this olive tastes nothing like goat horns! This olive is pink due to it being harvested halfway through maturation and is typically used for olive oils due to their excellent yield. Buy these for a fun shift from the typical black and green olives and who knows, maybe you will love them!

  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 6.7 oz The tomatoes harvested during the summer season are carefully dried under the sun according to the Apulian tradition. The unique flavor, sweetness and softness are the result of Oilalá's careful work together with the use of high-quality ingredients. In addition, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes these tomatoes unbeatable with a unique flavor.

  • Artichokes and Olives Patè with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 6.7 oz Discover the fullness of the Italian land flavors with this artichoke and olive paté in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Only the most tender part of the artichokes is used to create this fantastic paté. The addition of olives, natural flavors, potatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil make it a delicate patè, but at the same time very tasty. You will find the freshness and intensity of each ingredient inside each jar. This paté is also made without preservatives.

  • Black Olive Tarallini (Alle Olive) - The black olive tarallini are crunchy biscuits ideal for accompanying any savory foods, especially cold cuts or cheese. Full of flavor, the taralli are briefly boiled before being baked, giving them a unique texture. Handmade using the finest ingredients including spring water, local flour, and premium olives.

  • Sesame Crespini - Start off your meal right with these thin, traditionally Italian breadsticks. A perfect pairing with soups, salads, or any sort of antipasti dish, these sea salt Crespinis are baked to perfection, infused with the naturally hearty flavor of Italian sesame seeds.

  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Wedge (24 months) - 7 oz Made from 100% raw cow's milk in the regions of Reggio-Emilia, Modena and Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano is quite possibly Italy's most famous cheese.

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