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Experience a traditional paella with true authentic ingredients, including a delicious broth, intense spices, a delicate olive oil, and more straight from the coasts of Spain! The Valencian Paella Kit is the perfect summer activity for the whole family to enjoy.

    • Authentic Polished Steel Paella Pans 18 in / 12 servings - Traditional Polished Steel Paella Pan. This high-end quality product is originally manufactured in Valencia, Spain. Due to our unique manufacturing process, our paella pans are more resistant than other competing brands. These paella pans have always been used in the traditional Valencian kitchen for the preparation of their paellas and diverse stews.

    • Sivaris Bomba Rice - 500 gRound and pearly grain rice of the Japonica family. It is cultivated in the ecological environment of the Albufera Natural Park for generations. During cooking, it suffers an accordion effect that allows the rice to absorb lots of flavor while it remains full and loose. It has extraordinary culinary qualities, according to the experts, thanks to its chemical composition that contains just the right proportions of amylose and amylopectin.

    • Garrofon Beans for Paella - 400 g If you have ever had a traditional Valencian paella, you may have noticed it included both green beans and flat white beans. These white beans are known as garrofon beans and are vital to recreating a Valencian paella, but they also work great to absorb the flavors from other dishes as well. Be traditional and buy these beans or your paella won’t be like the original Valencian!

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Arbequina - 16.9 fl oz The extra virgin olive oil Arbequina is characterized by its sweetness and its softness, in other words, does not leave any bitterness after taste. Some Arbequina oil can be bit spicy in the throat, which simply signifies their freshness.

    • Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Pork Loin (Traditional Carving) - 1.5 oz. - Acorn-fed loin, carefully selected from the lower back of the animal, is considered by many to be the most appreciated cut amongst epicureans with exquisite taste. Unlike chorizo or salami, loin is cured as one long piece, rather than being chopped up and sliced. Because it’s made from just one cut of meat, there are no mysterious ingredients.

    • Valencian Paella Cooking Base Broth - 34 fl oz Every good Valencian paella needs a good base to keep the rice moist and add to the natural seafood flavor. This broth base from Aneto not only does that, but has the flavors of tomatoes, onions, carrots, and celery, conveniently eliminating the need for you to add them to your paella yourself. This base not only goes great with paella, but can also be used in the creation of various seafood soups or stews.

    • Piquillo Pepper Strips Jar - 7.7 oz These Spanish Piquillo Pepper Strips are made from all-natural red piquillo peppers grown in the Mediterranean sun, harvested, fire-roasted and hand peeled. These peppers are naturally sweet and slightly smoky from the fire-roasting, making them perfect to stir into paellas for a pop of sweetness. These peppers are grown and manufactured in Lodosa, a region in Northern Spain. Pimientos are a mild-flavored, small chili pepper. Its name translates to "small beak" because of the peppers' diminutive size and tapered shape. Each 7.7-ounce glass jar from Spain contains peppers preserved in their natural juices, with no added water or chemicals ever used.

    • Sweet and Hot Paprika Pack of 2 - 2.65 oz per Tin Explore the flavors of Spain and discover your favorite paprika in our pack of 2 vintage tins of sweet and hot Spanish paprika. While sweet paprika is most commonly used in your family’s old-fashioned recipes, hot paprika is used to add a kick to your recipe if you are looking for something new and spicy. Whichever you find to be your favorite in this combo pack, you will be treated to an authentic Spanish spice.

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