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April, 12, 2022 | By Abby Morgan

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday, the day Jesus rose from the dead. It is a day of rejoicing for Christians who have now reached the end of Lent and traditionally celebrate with a feast. The major themes behind Easter are renewal and rebirth, which is what the eggs symbolize. However, do you know the meaning behind the ham? It is a symbol of good luck, which is why it is also eaten by some on New Years.

Spanish ham or jamon has a rich history, each ingredient playing a vital role in the transformation of this phenomenon. The Iberico pig has been roaming the pastures of Spain for hundreds of years and the curing process continues to evolve year after year to create one of the most exquisite foods in the world. Learn more about the fascinating history of how Spaniards create the Jamon Iberico here.

Our team at TerraMar Imports has selected some of the finest ham in the world to elevate your Easter feast. Discover this culinary masterpiece and celebrate Easter with a once in a lifetime experience.

Our Different Jamon Selections

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These boneless Jamon Iberico are a great way to experience the luxury of Spanish ham without carving it from the bone. Montaraz was created over 125 years ago to share this age old tradition of curing with the world. They pay homage to centuries old salting and curing processes in natural drying sheds. The serenity of the process has been inherited from the past; an ancestral expertise that has been handed down from father to son for four generations of master ham makers. Bring this experience to your family table and enjoy the exclusive, sensorial experience.

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The most luxurious ham in the world hails from Cinco Jotas and their Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Acorn Fed). Hand carving slices from the bone-in ham is the most authentic way to taste the jamon at its pinnacle of flavor. Mounted in a special ham holder, this Cinco Jotas ham makes a stunning centerpiece this Easter. Pigs roam the Spanish dehesa consuming a diet of acorns to exude the succulent flavor of acorn oil that permeates the fat of the ham, making it a healthy option. The hams are cured for over 3 years to create an intense flavor and exceptional richness that can be tasted in each bite.

Experience Authentic Jamon Iberico Tapas

If you are looking to create the most authentic version of Jamon Iberico, there is no better way than tapas. Tapas are a traditional Spanish term for appetizer. They can be any small dishes meant to be grazed on and none is more classically Spanish than Jamon Iberico Tapas. They are traditionally paired with bread and olives, herbs or cheese. The recipes have continued to develop as the jamon curing process has been fine tuned. Read more about the different pairings here.

Carving Equipment

To properly carve a Jamon Iberico, you need the right equipment. From a ham holder to a high quality carving knife, we have everything you might want to make the best of your experience. 

Jamon Iberico Carving Knife with Montaraz box in Background

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TerraMar Imports offers the highest quality goods from across the seas to customers looking to expand their culinary experience through authentic international flavors! Shop our store now to find even more items for your Easter celebration.

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