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September 24, 2021 | By Ernesto M. Becerra

In efforts to help the local community, TerraMar Imports donates over $2,500 of food products to the Houston Food Bank as an initial partnership to benefit the nonprofit. This gift alone will provide more than 7,500 meals to local Houstonians.

Despite only being an active business for three months, TerraMar Imports  is inclined to give back to the community. Supporting nonprofits and local businesses have been a top priority due to the unprecedented times we have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic along with the Texas winter storm this last February halting supplies for food banks.

Houston Food Bank Donation Javier Castello, General Manager at TerraMar Imports, oversees the entire production from procurement of items to the final transaction. “Our team is extremely proud to assist the local community of Houston as we are known to always help each other during arduous times. This small contribution is the beginning of a long partnership as we have committed ourselves to helping food banks, such as the Houston Food Bank, with donations as long as our business continues to stand,” said Castello.

As Houstonians enter the 2021 fall season, food banks require the most help. “Whether it’s monetary or hands-on labor, TerraMar Imports will be supporting local nonprofits as we try to dive into aiding the community,” concluded Castello.

Houston Food Bank Donation

TerraMar Imports played a large role in with the donation for hungry Houston-area families, but the Houston Food Bank leverages vendor relationships to make $1 stretch into three meals. This, in turn, holds true that the beginning of this partnership will provide a supply of meals to Houstonians in need.

About TerraMar Imports:

TerraMar Imports is a food company that provides the finest selection of authentic international products in the United States. Through hard work and meaningful relationships with our suppliers, TerraMar Imports has become a trustworthy and innovative brand across North America, and we continue to share our passion for authentic food, one shipment at a time. Learn more about TerraMar Imports.


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