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Create your own Spanish tapas party with a variety of meats, cheeses, and appetizers perfect for bocatas or bocadillos! The Fiesta Española Box encompasses an array of authentic Spanish delicacies imported and made with traditional techniques and seasonings. Coming from the native grounds of flamenco and original tapas, the Fiesta Española Box is the ultimate set for a gathering consisting of a full spread of Spanish cuisine.

Salchichon de Vic - (8 oz) — Made with traditional techniques from Catalonia, Spain, this unique sausage is prepared with the finest meat from white pigs, seasoned with a series of spices, and cured for at least 45 days to have the perfect consistency and flavor. Slice it into thin, bite-sized pieces for the perfect bocadillos.
Chorizo Soria - (1.3 lbs) — Original to Soria, Spain, this traditional sausage resembles a well-seasoned pork loin with a concentrated meat taste. Air-dried for at least three months and packaged in natural Portuguese casings, this Castilian sausage is ideal for sandwiches, bocatas, or a light savory snack.
Cinco Jotas Iberico Pork Shoulder - (1.5 oz) — Aged for over two years, this thinly-sliced, almost transparent ibérico ham with the herbal aromas that combine nutty acorns with natural herbs. Taste the national treasure of Spain as an appetizer or added to your dishes.
Octopus in Olive Oil - (8.11 oz) — Enjoy a traditional pulpo gallego with the authentic Spanish octopus, one of the most scrumptious creatures found in the sea. You will enjoy every salty bite of each tasty tentacle as an appetizer or added to a dish.
Mussels in Pickle Sauce - (4 oz) — If you fancy yourself to be a seafood lover, then these pickled Spanish mussels in cider vinegar should make your mouth water. Allow these perfectly preserved mussels to transport you to the Spanish seaside, either as a snack or as a part of your next maritime dish.
Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil - (2 oz) — Made of anchovies caught off the Cantabrian coast in the spring, the European anchovy preserved in olive oil enhances the sharp and appetizing flavor of the fish. The Spanish anchovies are guaranteed to add a taste of salty goodness to any esculent dish or appetizer.
Fire Roasted Piquillo Peppers with Porcini - (8.8 oz) — The naturally sweet pickled piquillo peppers stuffed with savory porcini mushrooms provide the perfect balance between mild and earthy rounds to eat this snack straight from the jar or as tapas with crusty slices of bread.
Picos - (6.4 oz) — Traditional Spanish breadsticks made with olive oil typically consumed with tapas in Spanish bars. Enjoy these crunchy mini breadsticks with cured ham, sausage, or your favorite mix of cheeses.
Banderilla Dulce - (12 oz) — A savory mixture of handpicked pickles, onions, olives, and peppers bathed in a bittersweet vinegar. The mixture provides the ideal balanced tenderness that serves as an appetizer or a garnish.
Pitted Gordal Olives - (12 oz) — Known as the queen of olives due to its round shape and large size, the green olives contain a fine delicate flavor, similar to manzanilla, while still maintaining a firm, meaty texture. Ideal for stuffing with cheese, garlic, or the mixture of your choice.
Manchego Cheese - (6 oz) — This buttery and flavorful cheese has been aged for three months in Castilla La Mancha, Spain. The semi-firm pasteurized manchego cheese is a DOP dairy product made only from the milk of Manchega sheep, a perfect fit for dry-cured sausages to make traditional tapas.
Mahon Cheese - (6 oz) — Made with milk from cows residing exclusively in the Menorca island, the famous square-shaped wheel with an orange ring has been aged for 4 months resulting in a creamy texture with a buttery and nutty finish.
Master Coupage Extra Virgin Olive Oil - (16.9 fl oz) — The premium olive oil is produced with a rigorous selection of the very best raw ingredients in Hacienda Alzacola. With a balanced sensation of bitter and spicy, the finish of the oil brings a harmonious fragrance to your cooking.
Trias Special Assortment 8 - (10.5 oz) — Sweeten your gathering with a mixed box of classic Catalan biscuit and sweet treats from Trias, a famous biscuit company in Catalunya, containing nine different varieties of tuile, wafer biscuits, and mini-turron bars flavored with almond, hazelnut, chocolate, and coconut.

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