Spanish Tapas Sampler

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Create your own authentic tapas bar with the Spanish Tapas Sampler Box! Filled with cured chorizo, picos, and banderillas, this box is set to provide a traditional spread of tapas. This unique assortment consists of a widespread array of Spanish appetizers that can be served in a gathering, through a series of meals, or enjoyed as an afternoon snack. Discover the Spanish cuisine one bite at a time!

Fuet Sausage (6 oz) — Traditional to Cataluña, this dry-cured sausage packed with garlic and black pepper delivers a taste very similar to salchichón. Slice the links into thin, bite-sized snacks to bring authentic Spanish tapas to your table.
Chorizo Leon (11.5 oz) — Cured for 45 days and smoked over oak hardwood, this chorizo envelops mild, smoked, hot, and bittersweet paprika giving it a distinctive flavor like no other.
Picos (6.4 oz) — Traditional Spanish crackers made with olive oil typically consumed with tapas in Spanish bars. Enjoy these crunchy mini breadsticks with cured ham, sausage, or your favorite mix of cheeses.
Banderillas (12 oz) — A savory mixture of handpicked pickles, onions, olives, and peppers bathed in a bittersweet vinegar. The combination provides the perfect balanced tenderness that serves as an appetizer or a garnish.
Pitted Aloreña Olives (12 oz) — The Aloreña, also known as Malagueña olives, is an Andalusian staple recognized with a Denomination of Origin (DO), giving it a seal of approval by the European Union. With a slight bitterness and citrusy flavor, the green olives are ideal to replicate an Andalusian appetizer.
Manchego Cheese (6 oz) — Aged for three months in Castilla La Mancha, Spain, this semi-firm pasteurized cheese is a DOP dairy product made only from the milk of Manchega sheep. Buttery and flavorful, you can pair this cheese with dry-cured sausages to make traditional tapas.
White Asparagus (13.6 oz) — Sealed with the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO), the white asparagus are tender and buttery spears guaranteed to be of the highest quality and authenticity. These can be consumed over salads, as an appetizer, or in sandwiches.
White Albacore Tuna Stuffed Piquillo Peppers (10 oz) — Traditional red piquillo peppers grown in Northern Spain stuffed with tuna bring the sea’s flavor and the local harvest in one. These stuffed piquillo peppers make an excellent bocadillo or afternoon snack.
Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil (2 oz) — Fulfilled with anchovies from the Cantabrian coast, the European anchovy preserved in olive oil enhances the fish’s sharp and delectable flavor. The Spanish anchovies are guaranteed to add a taste of salty goodness to any esculent dish or appetizer.

*DO/DOP/PDO is aimed at preserving the designations of the origin of food-related products. This guarantees a constant level of quality and specific characteristics established by the European Union for the consumer.

*If there is an item out of stock, the item will be substituted for something similar of equal value.

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