Organic Soft Wheat "00" Flour of Altamura - 35.2 oz (1000 g )

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Ideal for bread and pasta, the "00" flour is finely milled and designed to be used for pizza dough, certain pastas, and pastries. Molino Camema guarantees that their milled wheat is certified organic, and the grain is grown and milled in the Altamura area, Puglia.
The Bread of Altamura, Puglia, is granted protected designation of origin (DOP) in Europe. By law, it can only be made using varieties of wheat, a certain specification of water, and a consistent production method.
• Made by Molino Camema
• Size: 35.2 oz (1000 g )
• Ingredients: "00" soft wheat flour.
• Product of Italy

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