Durum Wheat Torcetti - 500 g

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This Semolina-style Torcetti from Bartolini is created using traditional artisan methods, which have earned this pasta an official certification as a product of Italy. Made with durum wheat which is rich in protein, these uniquely-shaped are bronze drawn in order to obtain a porous dough which favors almost any sauce. Dehydration is a slow process (about 30 hours) to keep the highest possible value of proteins, gluten and vitamins. Pour on some extra virgin olive oil, toss in parmesan, and add a little cracked pepper for an Umbrian take on cacio e pepe. Enjoy these twisty noodles with a rich meat sauce and a topping of a various types of cheese.
• Made by Bartolini
• Size: 1.1 lb (500 g)
• Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina. Contains wheat. May contain eggs.
• Product of Italy

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