A Taste of Greece

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Allow us to take your tastebuds on a culinary journey throughout the Greek countryside. From authentic Kalamata Olive Paste to tasty Greek Dolmadakias, this bundle will give you an ideal tour through the spectrum of flavors Greece has to offer.
Tahini Mediterranean (10.6 oz) - Produced with a premium selection of sesame seeds, which are ground in stone mills and baked to preserve their richest flavor, this organic spread is a combination of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that provides the body with power and energy. Try it on a piece of toast for breakfast or as a tasty afternoon snack to revitalize your energy!
Eggplant in Oil and Tomato Sauce - 10 oz - This eggplant in oil and tomato sauce is ready to serve and requires no additional cooking; it's a great meal replacement on its own, or works as a complement to a main meal as a side dish.
Kalamata Olive Paste (4.76 oz) - A delicious topper for toast, crackers, and even pizza, this dark paste is made with sun-ripened Kalamata olives plucked straight from the branches of Greek olive trees.
Marmalade Caramelized Figs (13.05 oz) - Figs were an important part of the basic diet of the ancient Greeks, and they still serve as a tasty treat for people around the world today. Allow these caramelized figs stored in delicious marmalade to transport you back to the coasts of the Aegean Sea in a brand new, delicious way.
Balsamic Vinegar Cream (8.5 oz) - This Balsamic Cream made from Greek Kalamata olives is a delightfully aromatic dressing with rich and sour-sweet flavor. Its thick substance prevents it from running from your greens to the rest of your plate like so many other dressings.
Okra in Tomato Sauce (10 oz) - Found all around the Mediterranean, these okras are perfect as a snack as as a starter for your next Greek dinner.
Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PDO) - (17 fl oz) -Iliada's Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from Koroneiki variety olives grown in the Messinia region of Greece that are hand-selected and cold-pressed through a very special process to create the best olive oil possible. This Greek extra virgin olive oil is fruity, mild, and well balanced, and this particular bottle is certified with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), giving it the status of a premium extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal for cooking or as a dressing for a salad.
•Made by Terramar Imports
•Product of Greece

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