White Wine Vinegar, All Natural

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This delicate, slightly sweet vinegar is a blend of Pinot Grigio grapes and reduced grape must, both grown in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy in the dukedom of Estense. Unfiltered, naturally aged in oak barrels. Each bottle is numbered and is emblazoned with the Casa Ducale d'Este Family coat of arms. An artisan condiment obtained from the wine vinegar of Pinot Grigio grapes and reduced grape must. The grapes are cultivated on the land of Casa Ducale d'Este, where they also produce, age and bottle this superb condiment.

* The bottle on the left has an affixed English label, while the bottle on the right shows the original Italian label once the English label is removed. The price shown is for one bottle only.

Ingredients: Pinot Grigio vinegar and grape must.

Producer: Acetaia Ducale Estense
Region: VENETO

Weight: 12.6 oz

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