Athena’s Acropolis Box

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Explore the various Greek acropolises through the flavors in the Athena Box. Bringing you an ethereal assortment of authentic Greek items, from the greater Mt. Taygetos area to the olive orchards in Athens, this versatile product array inspires a divine spread of appetizers and meals. Whether you’re looking for a banquet of food at your next gathering or a series of traditional Greek meals for your family, Athena is bound to share her wisdom and fill your kitchen with alluring aromas in this presentation.

Basil Herbs (80 g) — Handpicked from Mt. Taygetos, the basil herbs are quality selected and packed in fine glass jars ideal for recipes or for a warm beverage.
Pastitsio Pasta #2 (Pastichio) (500 g) — Made of 100% durum wheat, this thick, cylindrical pasta is primarily used to make pastitsio, a traditional Greek lasagna, as it holds its consistency and is perfect for thick sauces.
Ten Chamomile Bags (1 g each) — Known for its medicinal values, this delightful tea grown and hand-picked in Europe is ideal to help bring harmony after a long day.
Ten Spearmint Bags (1 g each) — Grown in the hill country of Greece, this herb mix can be enjoyed as digestive aid tea or as a seasoning for a culinary sauce to pour over lamb.
Roasted Eggplant in Oil (280 g) — Add body to your dishes with the fiery flavor of the eggplants combined with a rich array of aromatic herbs, earthful spices, and light tomato sauce.
Green Beans in Tomato Sauce (280 g) — Ideal as a side dish or sprinkled with bacon, the savory green beans soaked in pure tomato sauce is also an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cooking.
Giant Butter Beans in Vinaigrette (280 g) — Packed with fiber and energy, these baked giant beans make for a light assortment of the best traditional food of the Greek cuisine.
Bowtie Pasta (Fiogaki) (500 g) — Made from a recipe dating back to 1927, this traditional pasta is ideal with classic pesto, alla vodka, marinara, or as an al dente cold salad.
Kalamata Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml) — Combining premium quality with an elegant package, this award-winning organic olive oil is produced from the finest Kalamata olives and gathered from the first batch of cold press.

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