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Experience the traditional paella with its true authentic ingredients from the coasts of Spain. The Classic Paella Box brings the original flavors from the Iberian Peninsula from appetizers through dessert. This box includes a recipe on how to make the paella of your choice: a classic seafood paella or a traditional Valencian paella with a chicken broth base. Recreate a Spanish gathering at the comfort of your home filled with tapas, fine quality rice, and spices for a meal that will take you to Valencia, Spain.

Enameled Paella Pan (13.5 inches) — An authentic 13.5” enameled paella pan manufactured in Valencia, Spain, produces 6-8 servings. Because of its enameled coating, rusting and sticking won’t be an issue.
Bomba Rice (2.2 lbs) — A firm and delicious rice grown in the Albufera Nature Reserve near Valencia, Spain. One of the most important ingredients in a traditional paella, bomba rice, absorbs three times its volume in broth, creating a significant flavor difference compared to ordinary rice.
2-pack Aneto Seafood/Valencian Paella Broth (34 fl oz each) — This hearty broth brings the classic flavors of tomatoes, onions, carrots, and other vegetables accompanied by the protein. Choose your preference between seafood or traditional Valencian broth!
White Chocolate Triangle Cookies (3.5 oz) — The Trias crispy and buttery white chocolate cookies are a delightful dessert that will cleanse your palate at the end of your meal. Made with all-natural ingredients, the chocolate cookies can pair perfectly with a frothy latte or tea.
Chorizo Cantimpalo (16 oz) — Made in Cantimpalo, this authentic Spanish chorizo is ideal for tapas before digging into your paella dish. Slice it thinly accompanied with crackers and cheese for a delicious appetizer.
Pitted Manzanilla Olives (12 oz) — This large, green olive is harvested in Andalucia, where the climate is ideal for a premium taste. The pitted manzanilla olives are ideal for tapas or stuffing with garlic and anchovies because of their mild, classic green olive flavor.
Picual Olive Oil (375 mL) — An organic extra virgin olive oil with a fruity flavor and hints of almond. The Spanish Picual olive oil is one of the most famous olive oils because of its sweet, buttery flavor, perfect for sauteing and baking.

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