Organic "Trulli e Sassi" Datteri Baresi Pasta - 14.11 oz (400 g)

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Experience Italy through this authentic and delicious pasta. Trulli are traditional dry stone dwellings with conical slate roofs that are found only in the Italian region of Puglia. The Marella Factory and the wheat cultivation used to make this pasta are located in the same area as the Trulli, which have inspired this creative and unique packaging. Sassi translates into "stones" but is also the name of the ancient neighborhood of Matera in neighboring Basilicata.
Pastificio Artigiano Marella is an Italian company that is distinguished by its extraordinary variety of Pasta. The high quality of this product comes from the durum wheat semolina carefully sourced from the area of Puglia, which is also bio-dynamically cultivated (free of chemical fertilizers). In addition, Marella still uses the traditional techniques and long drying times from more than 100 years ago, crafting Pasta with an extraordinary texture, flavor, and is easy to digest.
• Made by Marella
• Size: 14.11 oz (400 g)
• Ingredients: Organic durum, wheat, water.
• Product of Italy

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