Acacia Honey - 4.4 oz

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Acacia has a sweet, delicate flavor with hints of vanilla, a clean floral aroma, and no aftertaste. Unlike many varieties of honey which can be quite overbearing, acacia honey is light and easy on the palate; you can even enjoy more than a teaspoon or two of acacia honey straight from the bottle or jar. However, it also perfect for sweetening tea or cooking.
For over 120 years the Perronneau Family has cultivated a passion for beekeeping and honey. The company has been family owned and operated since 1890. Now in their 5th generation, they transport their hives all over France, allowing them access to different species of flowers and trees, resulting in a wide range of mono-floral and poly-floral honey varieties. This honey was harvested in a natural way, without using any chemicals. Perronneau Family cherish their bees by using bee-friendly methods. In addition, their hives are located on a preserved area which was selected with the utmost care.
• Made by Famile Perronneau
• Size: 4.4 oz (125 g)
• Ingredients: Acacia honey.
• Product of France

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