French Premium Olive Oil Set

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A good olive oil can make or break any dish, and these two premium olive oils straight from the kitchens of France will put any aspiring cook on the road to culinary success. View what’s in the Gift Box below:
Sainte Modeste Olive Oil (Mature) - 16.9 fl oz - This elegantly simple olive oil can be the base for an infinite amount of dishes, and its excellence starts from the very beginning: the olives themselves. The Aglandau and Salonenque olives of the French countryside are harvested at full maturity in a place called La Cantine. This oil is characterized by flavors of black olives joined with other ingredients creating a rich and bold blend.
La Classique Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 25.3 fl oz - La Classique is an all-purpose olive oil perfectly balanced with a rich flavor that is meticulously selected according to Oliviers & Co's strict quality criteria. Packaged inside stylish tins, our everyday olive oil upholds the same harvesting rigors as the Grand Crus, but at a price designed for daily use. This olive oil is perfect for seasoning, making marinades and even for frying thanks to its high smoke point.

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