French Truffle Lovers

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Truffle lovers will be thrilled to receive a gift box filled with their truffle favorites: White Truffle Oil, Truffle Sauce, and Summer truffle Guerande sea salt, all of which can be used in their next contemporary French culinary creation. View what’s in the Gift Box below:
White Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100ML - Just a drizzle of this olive oil is enough to give your cheeses, fresh tomatoes, mashed potatoes, pastas, and risottos that divine garlicky taste of white truffle that characterizes so many divine dishes. It can be used in vinaigrettes and in other sauces. Do not heat this olive oil.
Truffle Sauce (Jar) - 100 g - Plantin’s Truffle Sauce is a subtle mix of black summer truffles, mushrooms, black olives, and extra virgin olive oil which makes for an excellent topping on anything from fish to a slice of bread.
Summer truffle Guerande sea salt Jar - 100 g - Just a pinch of this Guérande sea salt is enough to flavor all your preparations. Give a delicious edge to any grilled meat, potatoes, risottos, and even buttered popcorn!

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