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The story of Inés Rosales began over 100 years ago in which Inés began making traditional Spanish cakes called olive oil tortas. Because of the traditional generational recipe that had been passed down, these tortas became an irresistible delicacy. As demand continues to grow, Inés Rosales continues to maintain high quality, artisanal techniques with the unique flavor of the “tortas de aceite”. Whether you prefer sweet or savory treats, the Inés Rosales Bundle allows you to not have to compromise on which flavor to choose from.
  • Sweet Olive Oil Tortas (180 g) — Flavored with anise and sesame seeds, the sweet olive oil tortas bring a sweet and savory flavor blend that can be enjoyed at any time of day.
  • Cinnamon Sweet Olive Oil Tortas (180 g) — With toasted cinnamon and sea salt, this cinnamon torta is a sweet delicacy that can be enjoyed as a crunchy afternoon dessert.
  • Seville Orange Sweet Olive Oil Tortas (180 g) — The orange olive oil torta is the most versatile of them all as it can be accompanied with coffee for a sweet breakfast treat or be the center-piece for a savory spread paired with cheese and pâtés.
  • Rosemary & Thyme Savory Olive Oil Tortas (180 g) — A traditional staple from Seville, the unique combination of sugar, sea salt, thyme, and rosemary create an enchanting flavor with every bite.
• Made by Terramar Imports
• Product of Spain
*If there is an item out of stock, the item will be substituted for something similar of equal value.

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