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From flavorful sauces and soups to delectable pastas, the staples of French cuisine have been made readily accessible for you through our La Maison Box. Fill your kitchen with a meticulously chosen collection of culinary items from the area surrounding the City of Lights. This box brings a variety of items that can collectively serve you a perfect Parisian breakfast, give you a tasty supper, or anything in-between!

Whole Grain Mustard (4.4 oz) — Made of fresh herbs and spices, this old-fashioned mustard will add a rustic and smooth twist to your meats and sandwiches.
Tartare Sauce (4.4 oz) — A mixture of finely chopped capers, gherkins, and herbs creating a tangy sauce ideal for a fried fish burger, on top of crab cakes, or served with a hearty baked potato.
Béarnaise Sauce (4.4 oz) — A tangy, rich sauce made of clarified butter, eggs, and vinegar with shallots, herbs, and tarragon perfect to be served on top of a sirloin steak and other meats.
Zucchini and Basil Gazpacho (16.9 fl oz) — While you may not think “green” when you hear the word “gazpacho,” we promise you that this refreshingly cold soup with a French twist is a perfect combination of seasonal ingredients.
Champagne Vinegar (250 ml) — This amazingly sweet concoction is a French dressing perfect for adding new notes of flavor to any salad, eggs, or pastas.
Crab Soup (28.7 oz) — Whether you use it as a base for a seafood dish or choose to eat it as it comes, this crab soup is a delicious product that has been certified by Saveurs en ‘Or bringing the level of authenticity and gourmet to the next level.
Acacia Honey (4.4 oz) — Said to have medicinal healing purposes, Acacia Honey is derived from the beautiful black locust flower found throughout France giving sweet hints to your toast, tea, and other dishes.
Organic Red Fig Jam (280 g) — Made with no preservatives or artificial flavoring, this tasty red fig jam was made the oldest fashioned way, having been cooking over the fire in a cauldron.
French Pancake Mix (220 g) — After you use this mix to fry your own delicious French pancakes, you will swear that you are having breakfast in Paris.
Spätzle Pasta (250 g) — A signature Alsatian golden pasta sautéed in butter and ideally accompanied with meat dishes and/or vegetables.
French Spaghetti (250 g) — A French spin on an Italian favorite, this particular spaghetti is made with semolina durum wheat and free-range French eggs.

*If there is an item out of stock, the item will be substituted for something similar of equal value.

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