Porcini Lovers Box

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Truffles are considered the black diamonds of the kitchen, mushrooms are a strong contender as it is a versatile ingredient that can be included into any dish for a flavor and texture enhancement. The Porcini Lovers Box arises from this concept of a well-rounded ingredient and includes products that will exemplify the unique flavor the porcini mushroom can create. For a diverse and earthy meWhile tral, it can be added as a garnish, or sautéed to compose a company-worthy dish. From a full set of appetizers, pasta, and meats, the Porcini Lovers Box offers an array of products that can be paired with rehydrated porcini mushrooms to add a nutty layer of flavor. View what’s in the box below:

Grilled Green Olives - (212 ml) — Charred green olives submerged in sunflower seed oil, peppers, salt, spices, and white vinegar to provide a delicious appetizer.
Sundried Tomato Cream Olive Oil - (4.5 oz) — A unique cream created with a delicious mix of sun-dried tomatoes and spices ideal for canapés or to mix with dishes.
Artichoke and Garlic Pâté - (4.5 oz) — This exquisite pâté is made solely with high quality artichokes and garlic making an irresistible and delicious aroma.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO - (0.5L) — Made of fresh olives from Sabina, Italy, this sweet aromatic oil contains a variety of citrus and spices achieving premium quality olive oil.
Mushroom Risotto - (300 g) — An authentic and traditional risotto mix with carnaroli rice, dried porcini mushrooms, and onion to create a flavorful main course in minutes.
Cheese Polenta - (300 g) — A delicious cheese polenta infused with natural proteins and grana padano cheese, pairs well with porcini mushrooms or vegetables.
Grissini - (7.05 oz) — This regional specialty breadstick is hand-stretched and shaped to resemble rustic twigs making it perfect for dipping into your favorite savory sauces.
Balsamic Vinegar Cream - (8 fl oz) — A thick and creamy balsamic dressing with a rich sweet and sour flavor making it the perfect mix for salads, meats, and cheese.
Extra Dried Porcini Mushrooms - (1.5 oz) — High grade extra dried boletus mushrooms dried at very low heat in ovens to preserve it’s authentic flavor and texture after rehydration.
Pecorino Romano DOP - (7 oz) Aged between 5 and 6 months, this tasty cheese is produced with whole sheep’s milk from mountain pastures creating a full-flavored and salty cheese.
Sobrasada - (6 oz) — Stuffed in a beef casing, this classic Italian salami is made with hints of paprika, garlic, and onion with the strong taste of 100% pasture raised pork.

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