Premium Spanish Chocolates with Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Live the experience of tasting two greats in the world of Olive Oil & Chocolate. View what’s in the Gift Box below:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Hojiblanca - 16.9 fl oz - The Hojiblanca olive takes its name from the whitish colour present on the underside of its leaves. This is a green olive highly valued for its high capacity to resist abuse during harvesting. Its flowering takes place during the first two weeks of May, and its maturation takes place between the end of November and the end of December.
Intense Cocoa 90% Dark Chocolate - 45 g - Our purest dark chocolate, Pancracio Intense Cocoa 90%. The perfect tablet for lovers of dark chocolate, with that intense bitter taste so characteristic and appreciated.
Intense Cocoa 80% Dark Chocolate - 45 g - The Pancracio Intense Cocoa collection is made for those who enjoy the purest chocolate. The 80% cocoa Dark Chocolate tablet has an intense flavor, with an exquisite bitter touch and toasted notes that will surprise you.
Intense Cocoa 70% Dark Chocolate - 45 g - Our 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar will surprise you with its intense flavor and delicate fruity notes. 100 grams of absolute enjoyment
Nibs with “Fleur de Sel” Dark chocolate - 45 g - Enjoy this special combination. Caramelized chocolate nibs with a touch of natural fleur de sel from the Ebro Delta. A mixture of flavors that you have never tasted before.
Raspberry Dark Chocolate - 45 g - Raspberry chocolate, the flavors of America and Europe. Sweet, bitter, and sour at the same time. An exquisite pairing full of history.

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