Octopus in Paprika Sauce (Pulpo a la Gallega) - 3.9 oz

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As a premier producer of fine canned seafood, Ramon Peña aims to deliver the highest quality octopus from the Galician Rias, Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea. The octopus is handpicked at port and frozen for 3 days to ensure the best texture. After freezing, octopus is cleaned, boiled, sliced, and canned with paprika, olive oil, onion, and salt. These packed treasures are ready to serve as is or on skewers with boiled potatoes, olive oil, and paprika.
• Made by Ramon Peña
• Size: 3.9 oz (110 g)
• Ingredients: 100% organic octopus, paprika, olive oil, onion, and salt.
• Product of Spain

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