Rum and Raisins Biscuits

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To prepare these Palet Solognot biscuits from the Sologne Region, this is an old family recipe from the Loire Valley that has been adapted for artisanal production. Careful selection of the ingredients, the use of a slow mixer to avoid over-working the dough and tightly controlled baking are responsible for the finesse of this tasty Palet Solognot from the Sologne Region. The biscuits are dotted with rum-infused raisins.
• Made by Albert Menes
• Size: 3.8 oz (110 g)
• Ingredients: Wheat flour (gluten), sugar, 19% concentrated butter (milk), 17% Sultanas macerated in antilles Rum (16 % sultanas, 1.6 % antilles Rum, cottonseed oil), whole pasteurized eggs, baking powder (baking soda and disodium diphosphate), salt. Possible presence of raisin stems. May contains traces of nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and sulfites.
• Product of France

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