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While Italian food is not popular for being spicy, Southern Italy, specifically Calabria, loves to blend hot and spicy with their food as any other Italian would marry tomato and basil together. With a flaming spice and tasty accompaniments, the Spicy Pepperoncini Box was created to provide a challenge to the spicy food lovers while allowing the rest of the foodies to enjoy spicy pantry staples that can be adjusted to control the heat. It is recommended enjoying the contents of the box in separate portions as the flavor should be more important than the heat each product contains. View the content of the box below:

Spicy Pepper Pesto (35.3 oz) — Made with all-natural peppers, the spicy pepper pesto is traditional to a Southern Italian meal that may or may not be too hot to handle. With its spicy and fresh taste, this pesto can be used as an appetizer or as the base for a thick, creamy sauce.
Red Chilli Linguine Pasta (250 g) — This red linguine pasta is where tradition blends with innovation to create a masterpiece of red chili pepper pasta. Try your own aglio e olio mix or with any sauce you want to add some spice to.
Organic Pappardelle Pasta (500 g) — Made of 100% durum wheat flour, this handmade ribbon pasta gives a beautiful aroma while cooking. Because of the thickness of the noodles, it is recommended to marinate with thicker sauces.
Habanero Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil (150 ml) — An extra virgin olive oil infused with crushed habanero pepper ready to add a unique spice to your cooking. Whether you’d like to finish off a pasta or add to your salad, this oil will add a kick to your meal.
Garlic, Oil, & Chilli Peppers Mix (4.5 oz) — This typical Italian trio creates the flagship of Italian essentials. With a predominant flavor of hot chilli pepper, this blend is ideal for a pasta sauce base or used as a spread for a spicy bruschetta.
Sliced Spicy Aubergines (9.8 oz) — Fresh from the field, these tasty grilled eggplants are flavored with garlic, chili pepper, and oregano to enhance their taste. Whether you like them hot or cold, these will go great on canapés.
Hot Spiced Olives Mix (212 ml) — The perfect combination of green and black olives seasoned with round slices of chilli pepper, garlic, and a variation of spices. This can be consumed as an appetizer or can be a crispy garnish to any dish.
Extra Hot Spiced Olives (212 ml) — Green pitted olives marinated with peppers, hot chilli peppers, and secret seasoning for an intense and aromatic flavor to add to your antipasti.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (150 ml) — With a complex aroma of soft and loud notes, this organic olive oil from Florence contains hints of cinnamon and eucalyptus giving it a unique structure to enhance your cooking.
Pecorino Romano DOP (7 oz) — Aged between 5 and 6 months, this tasty cheese is produced with whole sheep’s milk from mountain pastures creating a full-flavored and salty cheese.
Hot soppressata (6 oz) — A spicy twist on the classic Italian salami made with Calabrian chilis and white pepper. Thinly slice this salami to prepare an appetizer spread or add to your sandwich for a kick of flavor.

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