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If you’re craving a taste of Tuscany, look no further as the Taste of Italy Box delivers a full culinary experience from the remote villages to the busy city side. As true food connoisseurs, Italians have a passion for cooking and dining with southern Italy showcasing their bold flavors of tomato and fine olive oil, while the northern region highlights high quality mushrooms and pesto sauces. The Taste of Italy Box encompasses it all! From appetizers to bronze dried pasta and well-seasoned pasta sauces, this box envelops a set of recipes bringing a perfect blend of Tuscan flavors to your pantry. View what’s in the box below:

Ready to Use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Basil - (11.6 oz) — Culminated with the sweet taste of cherry tomatoes mixed with the essence of basil to create a sauce that is light, aromatic, and tasty.
Balsamic Vinegar Cream - (8 fl oz) — This delectable garnish is a perfect blend between sour and sweet ideal to garnish any dish, including desserts. With a delicious fragrance and exquisite flavor, it will make any dish delicate and tasty.
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold - (0.5L) — Infused with a large variety of spices and citrus, this extra virgin olive oil is a combination of a medium fruity flavor, balanced between a bittersweet complexion and a hint of fresh almond scent.
Genovese Pesto - (6.3 oz) — The perfect blend of fragrant basil paired with Pecorino cheese to create a symphony of authentic flavors with the taste of a freshly made recipe.
Eggplant and Olive Pâté - (6.3 oz) — This unique savory spread combines the delicate taste of eggplants with the richness of sweet olives giving you a delectable spread for canapés.
Sauce With Truffle & Mushrooms - (6.3 oz) — A savory sauce that blends the gourmet flavors of black truffle and a combination of earthy mushrooms to enrich appetizers and entreés.
Tarallini Al Finocchio - (14.1 oz) — Crunchy, ring-shaped breadsticks made with extra virgin olive oil and studded with aromatic fennel seeds ideal as an appetizer or a light snack.
Fusilli Giganti - (500 g) — Made of 100% semolina durum wheat, this corkscrew-shaped pasta is extruded through authentic brass dyes to create a superior quality pasta great for soaking up sauces.
Egg Tagliatelle Pasta - (250 g) — Handmade organic egg pasta with a blend of wheat germ and durum wheat semolina providing a beautiful aroma and rich flavor.
Rigatoni Pasta - (400 g) — An authentic pasta following the traditional techniques of Naples, Italy, made of durum wheat semolina pasta. This wheat holds the highest gluten index and protein content making it the very best quality.
Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese - (7 oz) — Kosher certified cheese wedges with a dynamic flavor and notes of grass, flowers, and fruit.
Soppressata - (3.5 oz) — Sweet salami with hints of red wine, black pepper, and garlic offering a combination of traditional seasonings and modern techniques to curate the classic Italian meats.

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