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Truffle Scrocchi
Sale price$2.99
Truffle ScrocchiLaurieri
Olives Scrocchi
Sale price$2.99
Olives ScrocchiLaurieri
Sea Salt Scrocchi
Sale price$2.99
Sea Salt ScrocchiLaurieri
Pizza Scrocchi
Sale price$2.99
Pizza ScrocchiLaurieri
Rosemary Scrocchi
Sale price$2.99
Rosemary ScrocchiLaurieri
Sesame and Poppy Seeds Scrocchi
Hot Pepper Taralli
Sale price$2.99
Hot Pepper TaralliLaurieri
Garlic Bruschette
Sale price$2.99
Garlic BruschetteLaurieri
Rosemary Crespini
Sale price$1.99
Rosemary CrespiniLaurieri
Sesame Crespini
Sale price$1.99
Sesame CrespiniLaurieri
Sea Salt Crespini
Sale price$1.99
Sea Salt CrespiniLaurieri
Cocoa Quadrotti
Sale price$2.99
Cocoa QuadrottiLaurieri
Choco Chunks Cantucci
Almonds/Cocoa Cantucci
Amaretti Almond Cookies
Cranberry Frolletti
Sale price$2.99
Cranberry FrollettiLaurieri
Cranberry Cantucci
Sale price$3.75
Cranberry CantucciLaurieri
Bruschettine  with Extra Virgin Olive OilBruschettine  with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bruschettine with PestoBruschettine with Pesto
Grissinetti with RosemaryGrissinetti with Rosemary
Focaccine with Extra Virgin Olive OilFocaccine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Save 25%
Tarallini with Fennel
Sale price$7.12 Regular price$9.49
Tarallini with FennelMarella
Save 25%
Black Olive Tarallini (Alle Olive)
Sale price$7.12 Regular price$9.49
Black Olive Tarallini (Alle Olive)Marella
Save 25%
Intorchiate Cookies with Lemon
Sale price$7.71 Regular price$10.28
Intorchiate Cookies with LemonMarella

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