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Greek Mountain Tea - 10 bags

Greek Mountain Tea - 10 bags

This Mountain Tea, harvested from the Greek countryside, is popular throughout southern Europe and known for its medicinal properties. It is a powerful antioxidant...

Taygetos Mountain Tea - 1.41 oz

Taygetos Mountain Tea is a natural aromatic herb, that is tasty and healthy, as it is rich in iron. It is extremely popular in...

Greek Chamomile Tea - 1.41 oz

Chamomile is a sweet, highly aromatic herb with soothing properties to calm you on even your most stressful days. You can serve Taygetos chamomile...

Greek Sage Herbal Tea - 10 bags

A member of the mint family, sage is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia. Sage is naturally packed with nutrients, minerals and antioxidants...

Prestige Coffee in Tin Maxim's - 8 oz

This lovely red oval shaped tin holds a golden pouch of 100% Arabica coffee. This light French Roast is delightful in the morning with...

Greek Linden Herbal Tea - 10 bags

Linden tea is made by brewing the dried flowers, and sometimes the leaves and bark, of the Linden tree. This tree is part of...

Greek Spearmint Herbal Tea - 10 bags

Spearmint, or Mentha spicata, is not only flavorful, but it also has great benefits such as relieving symptoms of indigestion, reducing stress, and lowering...

Greek Chamomile Herbal Tea - 10 bags

Hippocrates believed that this Chamomile Tea was the miracle cure for many diseases. Even modern scientists are still researching the effectiveness of this plant...

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