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Pure Blossom Honey - 16 oz

This Monastiri honey is a pure blossom honey that is produced from the nectar of different flowers and is harvested, aged, filtered and cleared...

Jalapeño Honey - 12 oz

This rich, fragrant & slightly spicy honey is perfect for any time of day! Make a honey vinaigrette, whip up honey butter to put...
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Mezquite Blossom Honey - 11 oz Terramar Imports

Mezquite Blossom Honey - 11 oz

Pure, unfiltered honey harvested from Mesquite trees in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The strong, earthy flavor and sweet, cinnamon-mocha undertones coupled with a delicate texture make...
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Cinnamon Creamed Honey - 14 oz

Desert Creek spreadable Cinnamon Creamed Honey contains nothing but all natural honey and the finest, most nutritious brown cinnamon on the market. If you...

Creamy Honey from France - 8.8 oz

Sweet and fragrant, Albert Ménès creamy honey releases sweet, warm aromas of flowers from the French prairies. It is made with all the varieties...
Avocado Blossom Honey - 11 oz Terramar Imports

Avocado Blossom Honey - 11 oz

Made from the nectar of avocado flowers growing near Michoacan, Mexico, this velvety honey has a strong, dark flavor featuring notes of caramelized molasses....
$13.95 $11.16

Orange Blossom Honey - 4.4 oz

Looking for the perfect balance between citrus and sweetness? This Orange Blossom Honey has a mild sweet flavor with a hint of citrus. It...

Acacia Blossom Honey from France - 8.8 oz

Smooth and sweet, this honey is made with robinia flowers. Albert Ménès has selected a French craft honey produced on a small scale. This...

Raw Coriander Honey - 8.8 oz

A tasty, Italian honey like no other. This Raw Coriander Honey comes from a small, artisanal producer in the province of Padova, Veneto. Besides...

Raw European Chestnut Honey - 8.8 oz

From the chestnut trees of northern Italy comes this tasty jar of honey? Yes, as odd as it may sound, chestnut trees are just...

Raw Texas Honey Unfiltered - 16 oz

Desert Creek Honey’s pure, raw honey remains unprocessed from hive to bottle and perfectly maintains all of the enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins, and...

French Provençal Honey - 8.8 oz

The aromas of this amber-scented honey are influenced by the surrounding landscape. This honey is produced solely in the scrublands of the Provence region...

Linden Honey - 8.8 oz

Your charcuterie board will be taken to the next level by adding this Linden Honey to it! It pairs perfectly with cheeses like Castelmagno,...
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French Acacia Honey - 4.4 oz Terramar Imports

French Acacia Honey - 4.4 oz

Acacia has a sweet, delicate flavor with hints of vanilla, a clean floral aroma, and no aftertaste. Unlike many varieties of honey which can...
Multifloral Blossom Honey - 11 oz Terramar Imports

Multifloral Blossom Honey - 11 oz

A variety of blossoms from Zacatecas and Aguascalientes, Mexico, give this extremely versatile honey its complex, but mild flavor. Delicious in baked goods, hot...
$13.95 $11.16
Wildflower Honey - 12  oz Terramar Imports

Wildflower Honey - 12 oz

The wildflower blossoms of the sandy wetlands and swamps of Georgia bring a unique flavor to this wonderfully sweet honey. Enjoy it atop your...

Raw Honeycomb - 8 oz

This popular piece of honeycomb is built into the container by the bees! All we do is snap a clear lid on the top...
Truffle Honey - 40 g Terramar Imports

Truffle Honey - 40 g

Prepared with excellent organic acacia honey, this jar of truffle honey blends the salty with sweet to create a unique flavor that is perfect...

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