About TerraMar Imports

The Finest Selection of Authentic International Products in the United States

Who we are

We are a food company that provides the finest selection of authentic international products in the United States. From the coasts of Spain and Greece to the hill countries of France and Italy, we are continuously expanding our collection of goods from around the world, and delivering new culinary experiences straight to our customers’ doors.

Through hard work and meaningful relationships with our suppliers, TerraMar Imports has become a trustworthy and innovative brand across North America, and we continue to share our passion for authentic food, one shipment at a time.

Our Story

The concept of TerraMar Imports first started more than twenty-five years ago and was born out of a pure passion for high-quality, authentic food. The Spanish port of Valencia has always served as a conduit through which products and ideas would flow and be shared, and it was there in that center for sharing that our idea to spread Valencian cooking traditions to the rest of the world was born.

Formerly known as Castevia, TerraMar Imports initially only sold products associated with the making of Valencian Paella; however, it quickly became apparent that our zeal for high-quality cuisine extended beyond the Iberian Peninsula. Although we still pride ourselves on selling the best paella pans, kits, burners, seasonings and ingredients in the market, we have broadened our gastronomic horizons to include a curated international collection of foods to satisfy anyone's culinary needs.


Sharing our passion for authentic food, one shipment at a time.


Passion, Leadership, Collaboration, Quality, Respect, Customer Commitment.

1995: We start sharing the secrets of Valencian paella with European audiences

2016: Castevia Imports, the precursor to TerraMar, is officially formed in the United States, with the vision to provide American customers with the authentic and high-quality tools and ingredients of Spanish cookingText

2017: Our products are made available online, allowing us to extend our reach to a wider audience.

2021: We change our name to TerraMar Imports, with a more expansive vision of bringing authentic food, not only from Spain, but from around the globe to your home, one delivery at a time.


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