Paella Kit - 13 servings Enameled Steel Paella Pan Kit - 20 inch (50 cm)

Sale price$201.49


  • Paellero burner: Inner ring 7 in. (18 cm). Outer ringer 15 in. (38 cm) in diameter. High range for paellas from 12 to 28 in. (30 to 70 cm). Power 11.4 kw. These paelleros are more robust and wider than the traditional paelleros. Total flame control at maximum and minimum.
  • Support feet, adjustable in height. Ideal for leveling. Height 27.55 in. (70 cm).
  • 20 inch (50 cm) Traditional Enameled Steel Paella Pan for up to 13 servings (8-10 people)
  • High-end quality products originally from Valencia, Spain. Gas hose not included.

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