The pinnacle of gourmet food is the world famous Jamon Iberico hailing from Spain. Commonly referred to as a Iberico Ham in the USA, this acorn fed ham is succulent beyond belief. Made from the prized Iberico pig, known for its superior marbling and rich flavor, our jamon is cured for several months using traditional methods passed down through generations. The pigs are fed on a diet of acorns, which gives the meat a nutty and rich flavor. The curing process also helps to develop a unique aroma that sets it apart from other types of cured meats. Sliced thin, it is a perfect appetizer or tapas and can be paired with a glass of sherry or red wine. We only import the best cuts of Jamon Iberico from the artisans of Arturo Sanchez and Cinco Jotas to deliver the highest quality straight to your door.

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