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Pergamot Preserve from Greece - 16 oz

The bergamot (or pergamot) fruit is a citrus-orange with a popular flavor and aroma for teas, jams, and preserves. Soothe your senses with its...
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Sour Cherry Preserve - 16 oz Terramar Imports

Sour Cherry Preserve - 16 oz

The Sour Cherry Preserve is made of high-quality, whole and large pieces of fruit that provide a wonderful taste, texture, and appearance. The tart...

Violet Flower Preserve - 4.4 oz

Violet flower preserve (confit) is a perfect complement to any light sweet snack. Spread this French delicacy onto a cracker or your next dessert...

Quince Preserve from Greece - 16 oz

The quince is a round shaped fruit, with a similar appearance to a pear, and a tough-astringent flesh with a bitter-tart taste. Many claim...

Fig Preserve from Greece - 16 oz

The fig preserve is a popular classic Greek dessert mostly served in Northern Greece and the Islands, where the semi-tropic land makes an ideal...

Calabrian Mountain Wild Orange Preserve - 8.82 oz

This wonderful perfectly balanced marmalade contains 2.6 oz of pulp and peel of wild oranges from the coastal mountains of the Cosenza. The fruit...
Apple Cider & Calvados Preserve - 4.4 oz Terramar Imports

Apple Cider & Calvados Preserve - 4.4 oz

This slightly sweet preserve (confit) is created with calvados (an apple brandy), and apple cider to create a fruit spread that will leave you...
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Wild Blueberry Preserve - 11.3 oz

A classic blueberry preserve is always a necessity to keep in your fridge to have ready at a moment’s notice when you are craving...

Fig Nectar Preserve - 8.8 oz

The intense fig flavor in this fig preserve, or "Nettarina di Fichi", as it is called in Italian, comes from figs grown in the...

Vine Peach Preserve - 11.3 oz

The vine peach is called so due to the similarity to the common peach and is actually a melon! Try this hard-to-find fruit as...
Strawberry Fig Preserve - 10 oz Terramar Imports

Strawberry Fig Preserve - 10 oz

Made from a delectable pairing of Georgian figs, strawberries, lemon, and cane sugar, this amazingly sweet preserve is perfect for your next charcuterie board....
Peach Pepper Preserve - 10 oz Terramar Imports

Peach Pepper Preserve - 10 oz

Made from a combination of the freshest peaches, peppers, and cane sugar that Georgia has to offer, we highly recommend this jar of Blackberry...

Coco-Passion Fruit Jam - 11.3 oz

Crafted with coconut and passion fruit, this quirky flavor of preserve will bring a new world of taste to your next breakfast. Create a...

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