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Paella Seafood Bundle Terramar Imports

Paella Seafood Bundle

Bring the coasts of Spain to your friends, family, and loved ones this summer with a traditional seafood paella. Use these thoughtfully curated gourmet...
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Bomba Rice - 1000 g Terramar Imports

Bomba Rice - 1000 g

We are sorry that this item is out of stock! This Bomba Rice is very similar and equally delicious:  Bomba Rice - 5000 g...

Joel Robuchon Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.9 fl oz

Joel Robuchon holds the most Michelin stars in the world and hand selected this olive oil as his product when he tasted it in...

Assortment of Spanish Garnishes - 12 oz

These garnishes are perfect for your next cocktail or as tapas for a delicious snack! Containing crunchy gherkin pickles, savory onions, premium green manzanilla...

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Raspberry chocolate, the flavors of America and Europe. Sweet, bitter and sour at the same time. An exquisite pairing full of history. • Made...

Strawberry Extra Jam - 11.9 oz

This sweet preserve prepared with strawberries and brown sugar is fantastic with just about anything, from bread to cakes to yogurt. • Made by...

Sliced Corsican Clementine Marmalade - 9.87 oz

Albert Ménès Corsican Sliced Clementine Marmalade is an exceptional product. It highlights France’s national produce, being made exclusively with clementines from Corsica harvested when...

Banderillas Picantes - 12 oz

Banderillas picantes are an exquisite addition to your next tapas plate and will have you and your guests squirming for more. Banderillas picantes are...

Saffron Powder - 0.014 oz

Saffron is a sweet and aromatic spice that is versatile in the kitchen whether you are experienced with it or new to the spice....

Small Sardines in Lemon Olive Oil - 3.95 oz

These Spanish small sardines from Real Conservera Española have been hand-packed with fine Spanish olive oil and a slice of lemon to give them...

Italian Basil Pesto - 6.7 oz

Famous all over the world, basil pesto has always been an Italian symbol. A result of thecombination of high quality Extra Virgin Olive OIl,...

Genovese Pesto Sauce - 4.5 oz

This jar of delectable Genovese pesto has been prepared with a high percentage of basil to give it a fresher taste. Ideal for seasoning...
No 8 Special Assorted Cookies Terramar Imports

Assorted Cookies from Spain - No. 8 Special

A superb selection of Trias biscuits including orange ventall wafers, chocolate orange teules, orange neulets, and chocolate orange neulets. Perfect for all biscuit lovers...
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Enameled Paella Pans from 10 inch to 28 inch

Made with carbon steel and coated with a black and white enamel, it does not rust and it is easy to clean up. Consists...
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Saffron Threads - 0.035 oz

Saffron is a sweet and aromatic spice that is versatile in the kitchen whether you are experienced with it or new to the spice....

Mussels in Pickled Sauce - 4.06 oz

Ranked in the Top 10 of the Best Canned Seafood in the World, these fried mussels in a delectable pickle sauce are a gourmet...

Small Sardines in Spicy Olive Oil - 3.95 oz

This fine selection of small Spanish sardines has been packed by hand in a combination of olive oil, salt, and authentic Spanish chili pepper,...
Paella Valenciana Bundle Terramar Imports

Paella Valenciana Bundle

Experience a traditional paella with true authentic ingredients, including a delicious broth, intense spices, a delicate olive oil, and more straight from the coasts...
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Spanish Paella Kit with Gas Burner & Polished Steel Pan - 15 In (38 cm) up to 8 servings

Cook an authentic Valencian Paella, Fideuá, or Seafood Paella with this Polished Steel Paella Pan (15-Inch 38cm) that serves up to 8 people! This...

Basil Pesto - 6.4 oz

Pesto is a staple of any self-respecting Italian's pantry, due to its versatility and uniquely delicious flavor. This particular pesto, made by Castellino is,...

Dry Paella Broth with Saffron and Spices - 1.59 oz

If you are always finding that cooking takes too long, easily cook your next paella with our dry paella stock with spices and saffron....

Genovese Pesto - 180 g

Top quality ingredients are the basis of Bella Italia ready-to-serve sauces. Balanced and delicious this pesto has been created to satisfy everyone, always according...

Assorted Neulet Cookies

A selection of crispy cylindrical biscuit shells from Catalunya filled with almond paste or dipped in chocolate. These traditional Catalan treat is typically eaten...
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Sivaris Bomba Rice Terramar Imports

Sivaris Bomba Rice - 500 g

Round and pearly grain rice of the Japonica family. It is cultivated in the ecological environment of the Albufera Natural Park for generations. During...
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Anchovies in Olive Oil - 4 oz Terramar Imports

Anchovies in Olive Oil - 4 oz

A staple of the diet of any seafood lover, anchovies are enjoyed by people around the world; however, they have always been enjoyed by...
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Genovese Pesto - 6.35 oz Terramar Imports

Genovese Pesto - 6.35 oz

The fresh and fragrant basil, paired with Pecorino cheese's genuine taste, creates a symphony of authentic flavors to enhance your next pesto dish. With...
Pesto Genovese Meulien - Basil & Parmesan - 6.34 oz Terramar Imports

Pesto Genovese Meulien - Basil & Parmesan - 6.34 oz

To the three classic ingredients - basil, parmesan cheese and pine nuts, Chef Meulien adds cashew nuts to this time-saving recipe for a delicious...
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Paella Food Coloring - 2.29 oz Terramar Imports

Paella Food Coloring - 2.29 oz

If you are planning on making an authentic paella the rice has to be the perfect golden color, that’s where Carmencita comes in. one...
Bomba Rice Terramar Imports

Bomba Rice - 5000 g

Bomba rice is an absolute must if you it is your first time making a paella. Its round pearl shape is recognized around the...

Sicilian Clementine Marmalade - 11.9 oz

This particular jar of marmalade has been prepared with only clementines from Sicily with brown sugar for added sweetness. Compact with an intense citrus...

Smoked Sweet Paprika - 7.9 oz

Sweet paprika is a versatile condiment that is used in many of the Spanish recipes. It is made with freshly harvested peppers, this paprika...

Paella Food Coloring - 10.23 oz

If you are planning on making an authentic paella the rice has to be the perfect golden color, that is where Carmencita comes in....

Pickled Guindilla Peppers - 10.5 oz

Guindillas en Vinagre extra. El Navarrico has been working with nature since the 50s of the last century, demanding the highest possible quality every...

Saffron Threads - 0.013 oz

Saffron is a sweet and aromatic spice that is versatile in the kitchen whether you are experienced with it or new to the spice....

Durum Wheat Caserecce Pasta - 500 g

The taste of Pasta di Gragnano is so prestigious and recognizable in Italy and around the world, it is protected by a PGI label....
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Coco-Choc Trias Cookies Terramar Imports

Coconut Chocalate Cookies from Spain

Trias Coco-Choc biscuits - delicate almond Teules-like biscuits. Similar to Trias Teules but with the addition of chocolate and coconut. Enjoy with coffee or a...
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