Polished Steel Paella Pan - 45" / 120 servings

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Manufactured in the heart of Valencia, Spain, this polished steel pan is the perfect canvas upon which a paella chef can create his beautiful masterpiece. Serving up to 120 individuals per cook, this pan is meant for the most skilled and experienced of chefs, for those culinary captains who have the patience and skill to craft a delightfully delicious dish like Valencian paella. This pan will be the perfect tool for crafting paella for your next catering event, festival, or any other culinary event where there is a demand for artisan paella.
Product Highlights:
• Made by Vaello La Valenciana
• Size: 45" (400 cm) Diameter
• Serves up to 120 individuals
• Four handles
• Distributed by TerraMar Imports
• Product of Valencia, Spain
BEFORE FIRST USE: Boil water in the recipient, then rinse it with soap and water. Avoid scratches or bumps. Another method is to cook a small amount of onion on the pan, then boil it with the water. When water starts to boil, remove water and wash thoroughly.
PRECAUTIONS DURING USE: Never apply heat to an empty recipient. Avoid overheating or abrupt changes in temperature.
MAINTENANCE: Clean the recipient with water and dish soap. Once clean, dry immediately. Do not let it air dry. Use a clean paper towel to apply oil to both sides of the pan, to avoid rust.
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