Stainless Steel Skimmer - 22.83" long

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The best paellas are a mixture of many unique flavors, and this stainless steel skimmer will be your best tool at mixing those flavors and ingredients together. 22.83" in length, this skimmer allows you to interact with your ingredients without having to worry about burning your hands on the hot dish. The spoon itself is 4.53" in diameter with a pattern of holes that allow you to drain the juices back into your paella when scooping your ingredients. This particular skimmer is ideal for outdoor use and is intended for paella pans 28-45" in diameter. It will act as your conductor's baton as you compose your tasty paella symphony of flavors.
• Made by Vaello La Valenciana
• Length: 22.83"
• Spoon Diameter: 4.53"
• Distributed by TerraMar Imports
• Made by Vaello La Valenciana
• Product of Valencia, Spain

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