Antipasti Recipe - How to Build Your Charcuterie Board

The antipasti box comes with a handful of ready-to-eat snacks ideal for a charcuterie board!

Follow the TerraMar Imports process can prep an impressive and delicious board for your next wine night with the step-by-step process below:

Step 1

Break out your smaller containers to start styling your food! 

Step 2

Fill these small containers with artichoke paté, black olive spread, grilled red peppers, grilled artichokes, stuffed olives, and sliced eggplant. Use one container per aperitif!

Step 3

Divide and place the larger bowls on the charcuterie board on edges and the center followed by the smaller boards on opposite edges or around the bowl in center.

Step 4

Place your largest elements that are not in bowls, like meats and cheeses, on the empty space in-between the bowls. Then do the same for the smaller items like crackers and bruschetta.


You can also add fruits, sliced or whole, and other larger items to fill out the empty spaces on your board. And you’re all set!

Buon Appetito!

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