The 3 Best Spanish Products to Cure the April Blues

March 31, 2022 | By Abby Morgan

We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers” but what meaning can be taken from that? It is the idea that sometimes, you need rain to create something beautiful. Our team at TerraMar Imports works relentlessly to give you all the Spring beauty in the form of delicious, one-of-a-kind foods from all over the world.

To celebrate April’s time of renewal, we have decided to transport you to Spain, a country known for their flavorful, mouthwatering cuisine. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite products from brands focused on fresh, authentic ingredients.

High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Masía el Altet

This award winning, High Quality Olive Oil is sure to enhance any dish and be a great staple in your kitchen. It is made by the Petit family who all live on the estate where the centuries old olive trees are cared for with passion and love. The high quality of the olive oil means it is packed with polyphenols and perfect for fish, meat, cheese or pasta and is used by many chefs in desserts. Don’t miss out on this authentic Spanish olive oil!

Interested in learning more about Masia el Altet and the Natural Parks encompassing it? Check out their website to read more of their story.

Gourmet Canned Seafood by Real Conservera Española

Stuffed Squid Preserved in Olive Oil from the Galician Coast of Spain

Real Conservera produces the best canned gourmet seafood in Spain. They make their preserves using traditional recipes made up of natural ingredients. The seafood is carefully selected in season in Galician Estuaries, off the southern coast of Spain and packed by hand. The Stuffed Squid are best enjoyed a la carte, served atop your favorite cracker or accompanied with creamy rice.

Dive deep into the history and story of Real Conservera on their website to learn about the artisanal practice of canning gourmet seafood.

Spanish Cookies from Trias

Trias was started by Joaquin Tiras Vil in 1908. It has since grown into a worldwide sensation of delicious biscuits that continue to innovate while maintaining loyalty to its origins with traditional formulas. This product is new to our shelves and is a beautiful assortment of Madrid Inspired Goodies ranging from sweet to buttery. The mixture of almond pralines, chocolate, orange praline and crunchy waffles will give you a true taste of Spain.

Explore the rich history of Trias and pairings to make your Spanish sweets even more delicious at their website.

We are thrilled to feature some of our favorite products offered at TerraMar Imports. We are here to curate a selection of high quality, unique products from all over the world, so leave a comment and tell us what international food you want us to explore next! Learn more about TerraMar Imports and find products to fill your kitchen!

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