New Arrivals: What’s New in 2022?

February 18, 2022 | By Hunter Steffek

New Authentic Spanish & Italian Products

The new year is upon us and often people are looking to make some changes in their lives. TerraMar Imports has made some changes by bringing in an amazing batch of new products that we are sure any foodie will love. The range of these new products is very exciting, whether it is our new gourmet jams, sauces, biscuits from Spain. Or possibly a traditional Italian pasta coupled with a fresh Italian pesto, tomato, or olive oil combination. Creating new and exciting meals with gourmet ingredients delivered straight to your door will be an amazing way to start 2022 off right.

TerraMar Imports' new arrivals consist of traditional Italian and Spanish ingredients, snacks, toppings, and more. You will be able to find all of them within the store but for a quicker search check out our New Arrivals and follow along as we explore the depths of Spanish and Italian food culture

Traditional Italian Pasta and Crackers

La Fabbrica Della Pasta

TerraMar Imports has just restocked more of La Fabbrica Della Pasta’s authentic Italian made pasta, and this time we are expanding with more varieties our customers will love. La Fabbrica Della Pasta are producing authentic, artisan, Gragnano pasta. The region of Gragnano is world renowned for the flavor, consistency, and history of making some of the world's most coveted pasta. It is an art in Gragnano that has been practiced for over 500 years, and La Fabbrica Della Pasta is focused on maintaining the traditions and culture of their region. Take a bite into history by trying their traditional Fusilli Gragnano, or their well-rounded Lumaconi.

Giant Farfalle Pasta in Bowl

Antico Pastificio Umbro

Another Italian region known for their artisanal pasta is Umbria. Antico Pastificio is a brand that is focused on the Umbria region’s history and the traditional ways of working with the land and its crops. This has allowed them to learn from some of the world’s finest pasta makers, and provide flavor that captures a homemade Italian flavor all from your own home. Their brand of Bella Italia artisanal pasta can be found in a Strangozzi, Pappardelle, Pennoni, and many more authentic Italian pasta varieties.

Bonta Lucane

Bonta Lucane is a family-run business founded in 1987 in Matera, Italy. A region known for its golden wheat fields, extensive olive groves, and bread-making traditions that stretch back into early history. Bonta Lucane provides quality crackers, crisps, and gourmet bread snacks that will pair amazingly with any charcuterie or cheese board. We recommend perfectly toasted bruschetta that is golden brown with a hint of rosemary. Or try out the flavorful Focaccine made with authentic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil that brings out a rich taste.

Italian Crackers with Jam

Italian Oils, Sauces, and Condiments

Cascina San Cassiano

Cascina San Cassiano was born in the Piedmont region of Italy. Their history began as a farm that eventually transitioned into becoming a food company. Their products are all-natural, no preservatives, and come in many gluten-free and vegan options. They are focused on being a green company that is attempting to negate waste in any way possible. They create a wide range of delicious jams, syrups, and sweet spreads. Along with authentic Italian pesto’s, tomato sauces, and cheeses.


Oilala is focused on producing products that tell the Italian Story. They are passionate about olive oil and how selling, giving, and tasting their product can give anyone an idea of what makes Italian cuisine so special. They utilize a variety of olive known as the Coratina that originates from Barletta. A region known for their fine olives, wines, grains and more. Try this authentic Italian olive oil with any of our amazing sauces, or other meals when cooking.

Liquid Luxury Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni is a family run farm located in the Italian countryside, where they create authentic and gourmet balsamic vinegar and other traditional Italian delicacies. They use local ingredients to hand craft some of the finest Balsamic condiments that can be delivered straight to your door. Add their delectable Balsamic pearls to any fruit or vegetable salad for a dramatic increase in quality and taste. Or try adding the rich and hearty Truffle Balsamic cream to your favorite pasta dish. It is even an amazing addition to turn your sweet fruity gelato into a well-rounded dessert that seems like it is only fit for the streets of Rome.

Spanish Seafood and Conservas

Real Conservera Española

Real Conservera Española has a passion for producing gourmet seafood preserves along with traditional Spanish sauces and juices that only use natural ingredients. They hand pick high-quality fish and shellfish caught at the best moments of their seasons in the Galacian coast of Spain. Real Conservera Española has applied 21st century technology to historic practices and traditions based around these Spanish delicacies. Fresh Spanish sardines, squid, and scallops can be delivered to your door and take you to the coast of Spain.

Scallops from the Galician Coast of Spain in Brine


Conservas Artesanas Rosara is a family-run business, founded in 1986 in the Basque country, bordering France. Since the beginning of the company, their only goal has been creating quality in their products and achieving this through their traditional process. They take care in every step of production. Carefully roasting Piquillo Peppers before jarring them in quality olive oil. They use the most authentic ingredients in every dish to capture perfection in every bite. Manually stuffing and crafting each specialty item to ensure its artisan quality.

Jalancina (Gourmet Spanish Jam)

To accompany your Bonta Lucane crackers why not add our fresh tasting Jalancina jam. Jalancina has been producing gourmet jam since 1922. Based out of Valencia, Spain. Their goal is to respect traditions and maintain maximum care with their manual process utilizing all-natural fresh fruit. The lemon jam in particular bursts with zest and a sweet and sour taste that natural lemons are known for. Their jams can be used for any of your favorite meals; whether it is making an amazing charcuterie board or looking to make a breakfast that transports you to the Mediterranean.

Traditional Spanish Desserts

Casa Eceiza

Finishing off our new arrivals are the authentic Spanish treats that have recently been stocked. Casa Eceiza is a producer of Spanish treats that is focused on sharing Spanish desserts with the world. Casa Eceiza prides itself on offering the highest quality, authentic, tradition focused treats from Spain. The almond Tiles and buttered flutes (Tejas y Cigarrillos de Tolosa) are their most traditional and historic dessert. Each flute is handmade to ensure that they maintain its characteristic shape. Or try out their perfectly rolled raspberry flutes, where each bite contains a flake of natural raspberry that immerses your palate with a sweet buttery flavor that is unrivaled.

Raspberry Spanish Cookies Shaped as Pipes


Trias is another renowned Spanish treat manufacturer. They have dedicated their time and history to creating biscuits that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The best way to try out their authentic Spanish dessert is to buy a variety tin that we offer. Inside of their classic metal cookie tin you will get to taste their buttery Teulas’, a silky smooth Pralinet, a rich Crocant, and a decadent Neulet.

TerraMar Imports is excited to bring in these new and returning brands. There are many more products coming so continue checking our collections for the newest artisanal products. We hope that 2022 has started off great for you and look forward to hearing what you all think after trying these amazing products.

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