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September 13, 2021 | By Your Butter Buds from Bayou City Butter

Bayou City Butter’s Story

It all started with three families who enjoy great food and each other’s company a whole lot. The mutual love of exploring local restaurants and experimenting with foods and recipes at home brought us closer than ever. With our group, there is no such thing as a casual night of grilling out – we are always looking to impress with the best cut of meat or the freshest ingredients. Our competitive nature and drive to create restaurant quality dishes at home ultimately inspired us to establish Bayou City Butter. We were on a quest to create something that people could use at home to elevate their cooking and allow them to create dishes that rivaled any restaurant.

On one hot Houston summer evening during a friendly cooking competition over steaks, we found just the thing that took our food to the next level - butter! We created a homemade finishing butter, whipped with garlic and herbs, and slathered it on top of our steak. It was so tasty we added some to our broccoli, the grilled baguette, and even licked the ramekin clean. We knew we were onto something, so we started playing around with various flavors, even sweet ones. After weeks of experimenting with herbs, spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even a little wine, we narrowed dozens of recipes down to four sweet and four savory: Strawberry, Cinnamon Honey, Blueberry, Raspberry Chipotle, Lemon Garlic, Scampi, Creole, and Chipotle Lime.

The next step was creating a name and logo. Capturing the essence of Houston and the Houston skyline was important to us as it resembled the endless opportunities available in the city where it all started. After many, many hours of brainstorming, we landed on our name - Bayou City Butter.

Whipped butter made by hand with fresh strawberries for a sweet spread.Once our company name and logo were finalized, we dropped off butter samples to our friends and neighbors and asked that they taste them, cook with them, and provide feedback. When the rave reviews came rolling in, we knew we had something that needed to be shared with the masses. We took a leap of faith and officially launched Bayou City Butter on October 9, 2020 – with the goal to empower the everyday consumer by providing them with our hand crafted, gourmet, flavored butters to take their meals to the next level while eliminating the tedious prep-time involved. Our jars were quickly selling within our suburban Houston community, and the business launched off as we were personally delivering our butters. We started attending Farmers Markets around town to introduce our brand to more customers throughout Houston.

Each of our artisan butters are hand crafted in Missouri City, Texas located just south of the Houston city limits. As our following began to grow with the support of our close-knit community and then picked up by local retailers and grocery stores, our operations shifted from using our personal kitchen space and stand mixers to a new commercial kitchen with professional equipment. Most of the time spent making our butters is doing the prep work - hand chopping everything from garlic to fresh strawberries. It’s been a group effort from all the Butter Buds to produce, market, and sell our butters. Something we pride ourselves on!

Bayou City Butter — Gourmet creole butter made from spices, herbs, and freshly minced garlic.

Before we “dip” into each flavor a little more, we remind ourselves that the sky is the limit for our gourmet butters! For example, our Cinnamon Honey Butter is great on French toast, but it will blow your mind on a sweet potato or glazed carrots. Raspberry Chipotle is amazing on biscuits, but it is also excellent on pork chops giving a versatile use for a variation of dishes.

Savory Finishing Butters

Our savory finish butters were created to add a burst of flavor to your proteins, veggies, seafood, and pastas — so you can enjoy restaurant style quality from your home cooked meals.Gourmet butters with savory flavors from lemon garlic butter to creole butter
From our savory creations, our Scampi Butter and Creole Butter feature the most ingredients and are the most flavor packed butters we offer. Our Scampi Butter is loaded with garlic and herbs that create the perfect pairing for pasta, seafood, steak, and vegetables. You heard that right! One thing we remind our customers is to allow themselves to be creative with their cooking — our Scampi Butter is not only for shrimp or pasta. Nope! It performs amazingly well on a baked potato, grilled sourdough, and even some fresh steamed broccoli. Our Creole Butter contains all the classic creole seasonings with just the right amount of spice. It is excellent with seafood and steak and is also surprisingly tasty on fresh vegetables and scrambled eggs! Our Lemon Garlic Butter is a fan favorite that tastes great on seafood, vegetables, poultry, and even a fresh baguette for pasta night. It’s the perfect balance of fresh squeezed lemon juice with hand chopped garlic folded into our creamy, spreadable butter. Our Chipotle Lime Butter is another favorite and is packed with the smokey flavor of chipotle peppers cut with the zest of fresh lime juice. It pairs perfectly with fajitas, almost any chicken dish, and will elevate your corn on the cob game when slathered on after grilling.  

One thing to remember with our savory flavors is that they are meant to be used as finishing butters. If you use them in a pan while sautéeing or frying - you’ll burn off all those fresh, hand chopped ingredients we spent so much time prepping for you! Instead, cook your item as normal until there are a few minutes left, then add a dollop (or two!) of the butter on top.

Sweet Breakfast Butters

Our sweet butters are meant to be spread directly onto your favorite bread items. Families love our top-rated Cinnamon Honey Butter on a piece of toast for breakfast or on your favorite rolls at dinner time. It is also heavenly on sweet potatoes or cooked carrots.

Sweet gourmet butters from Bayou City Butter made with strawberry and other fruits
Our Strawberry Butter is another favorite that features fresh, hand chopped strawberries folded into whipped butter that is so delicious you can eat it right out of the jar (we’ve all done it). Try it spread on pancakes, waffles, and French toast. For our Blueberry Butter we make our own blueberry syrup in-house, and you can really taste the freshness. Use it to take breakfast favorites like pancakes and waffles to a whole new level. Our Raspberry Chipotle Butter tastes great on biscuits, French toast, and even grilled pork chops. Or try it slathered atop a slider bun for an amazing upgrade to a simple grilled chicken slider sandwich.


We are always looking for new flavor ideas and love hearing from our awesome customers! Two of our most popular seasonal flavors, Pumpkin Spice and Praline Pecan Bourbon Butter, came from customer suggestions. So drop us a line if you have a new flavor idea. We’d love to hear from you!

Partnership with TerraMar Imports

TerraMar allows us to bring our creamy, gourmet, flavored butters, made right here in Houston, Texas to the doorsteps of foodies all over. Paired with the large selection of hand-picked artisan goods available on TerraMar from around the world, our compound butters will elevate your cooking and impress anyone you share them with. TerraMar also makes gift giving easier by packaging our flavored butters in gift boxes for those wanting to share a delicacy with those close to them.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Bayou City Butter and our handcrafted, gourmet flavored butters. Visit our website for more information and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be a part of our journey. 

We believe there is nothing else comparable to our flavored butters and after just one taste, you’ll agree that we have the best tasting flavored butters in the US!

Happy Cooking, and Happy Eating!

Your Butter Buds by Bayou City Butter

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