Explore Spanish Food through the Popular Tapas and Paella

September 16, 2021 | By Ernesto M. Becerra

Tapas and paella are two of the most popular and traditional Spanish dishes. Serving as part of delicious Spanish cuisine while also providing a form of entertainment, they are both commonly found in a gathering fulfilling a sense of camaraderie while also preparing delicious Spanish food to delight all guests. With this in mind, TerraMar is delighted to introduce the Spanish Meal and Pantry Boxes consisting of a variation of appetizers, pantry staples, and classic meals. Because Spanish traditions are synonymous with gatherings and sharing, the three new meal boxes are set for socializing with friends and family. View the inspiration behind each box below:

Spanish Tapas Sampler Box

Spanish Tapas Sampler Box


Adorned with the smell of succulent meats and fresh cheese, the Spanish Tapas Sampler Box provides an authentic Andalusian tapas bar experience with an array of savory appetizers. With a procurement of fuet sausage, Spanish chorizo, savory banderillas, and other traditional ingredients, this box helps capture the essence of Spain at home without a whole lot of hassle. 


The Spanish Tapas Sampler Box provides a vast array of authentic Spanish appetizers that can be served during a gathering or over a series of meals. It also makes the perfect gift for those with a love for tapas and Spain.

Classic Paella Box

 Classic Paella Box


Whether you’re a seafood lover or prefer to stick to the basics, the Classic Paella Box includes everything you need to cook an authentic Valencian paella! Select between a strong seafood broth or a savory Valencian paella broth, mix in the pearl-shaped bomba rice to absorb the flavors of your dish, and add your preferred protein. No paella pan? No problem! The box includes your very own paella pan along with an easy-to-follow recipe.


The Classic Paella Box contains enough servings for a gathering of 6-8 people from appetizers, to the paella meal, and dessert. This also makes a nice surprise for the adventurous eater who wants to expand their culinary expertise!

Fiesta Española BoxFiesta Española Box


Gather your friends and family around an authentic Spanish spread that includes cured chorizo, picos, banderillas, and more! The Fiesta Española Box is your key to the ultimate arrangement of savory meats and fresh appetizers, giving you the chance to replicate a Spanish party at the comfort of your home. Get everything you need for an authentic spread of tapas at your fingertips — no passport required!


Feast off this collection of delicacies that will surely open your eyes to the diversity of Spanish cuisine. This box ensures that you’ll have a traditional spread of tapas available anytime – perfect for an afternoon snack or even a large gathering!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my box have instructions?

Only the Classic Paella Box includes a QR code that you may scan with your mobile phone to obtain a detailed paella recipe.

When can I start ordering?

The Spanish boxes will be available for online ordering beginning September 16th, 2021.

What will my box include?

The exact contents of your Spanish dinner box will vary depending on which assortment is selected. Most of the collections have enough servings to accommodate at least four individuals. No matter the box, it will be filled with authentic Spanish food and an abundance of deliciousness.

Will I need more ingredients?

You may need other ingredients depending on your diet and meal. Our Spanish boxes will deliver the most traditional ingredients that are the core need for your recipe, so we put it all together to get you started. The remaining ingredients you may need vary from meats, vegetables, and other basic household items that you should already have in your pantry!

Will there be new boxes soon?

Yes! Our team is sourcing and pairing new products each week, but we want to ensure you’ll be receiving only the highest quality ingredients to elevate your next meal. Stay tuned on the release of new international boxes!

Don’t see your question? Please contact admin@terramarimports.com.

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