Taste the World with International Cuisine

Travel around the world in less than 80 days with international gastronomy from TerraMar Imports! We are proud to introduce the first World Box with a selection of items from each one of the countries we procure: France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Our selection of products is set to deliver an authentic culinary artistry with gourmet food products from around the world. View the contents of the box and its origin below:


Food from France, French region

Discover French cuisine through gourmet products made and packed in France! The French products selected for this box have received numerous awards and recognitions. Made by a company perpetuating the tradition of taste to this day, the Albert Ménès Confit offers a wide array of premium recipes that will take your palette to Brittany (Bretagne), France. With a colorful range of flavors and rare products, the fruits and honey bring the work of fine delicate producers to the forefront of taste and craftsmanship. As our procurement team likes to pair the perfect match together, they have selected a pure butter cookie with a crumbly texture that packs a sweet and savory taste. Originating in the French countryside of Normandy, France, the mouthwatering snack dates back to a recipe more than a century old. While the recipe has been kept untouched to its original taste, the line of all-natural ingredients create a refined treat ideal for an afternoon snack.


Greek Food, food imported from Greece

Embark on a journey to a new horizon with the authentic Greek products from the Aegean Sea. Focusing on the Greek food dating back to the origins of the Gods, the premium Kalamata pitted olives have been selected to represent the taste of the Mediterranean. The Kalamata olives are almond-shaped fruits varying in black to dark purple in color and extra juicy as you crunch through the outer skin. Originating from Messinia, Greece, the kalamata olives, otherwise known as the queen of olives and olive oil, hold a flavor level that exceeds that of regional US olives. Adorn your salad with these fruits and top it off with a premium balsamic vinegar, also imported from Thouria, Greece. This balsamic vinegar is made with exquisite sun dried grapes and fruit extracts with no added sugars or preservatives. With more than seventy years of expertise processing fruits, the innovative products are still based on the Mediterranean diet and true to Greek culture.


Food imported from Italy, Italian Food

Enjoy traditional Italian cuisine with authentic Italian gourmet food products! TerraMar Imports delivers the original flavors of ancient Italian culinary traditions while taking you on a journey throughout Italy. We start with the Arrabbiata cherry tomato pasta sauce, which is prepared according to a traditional Roman recipe with Sicilian cherry tomatoes. Combining both regional culinary specialties creates a unique blend with all of the natural taste enriched into one product. The recognitions awarded to this sauce range from the Italian Food Awards in New York to Scelto Miglior Prodotto Food, showcasing a level of high quality and rarity. To enjoy a true gem, our procurement team has carefully selected the paccheri pasta. The paccheri pasta, made with 100% durum wheat semolina and local spring water, has been bronze-drawn and slow-dried at low temperatures to achieve the highest quality taste. Its tubular, cylindrical shape makes it ideal for a rich meat sauce, just as it is thoroughly enjoyed throughout Naples, Italy.


Mexican Food, Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine continues its unstoppable rise on the fine-dining scene, which is why we made Mexico one of our primary expansions! To capture the essence of Mexico’s gastronomy, our team sought out for a spice that can be added to anything, such as the Chile Jalapeño Crisps. Jalapeños are a true Mexican staple whether they are part of your mild salsas, toppings on nachos, or stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. Remember, “mild” varies from palate to palate, always start with a little dab on your meal and work your way up! The jalapeño crisps are made and procured from Mexico City, so we recommend adding it to a casserole, fresh set of breakfast eggs, or garnishing your fresh-lime margarita for the ultimate sweet and spicy experience. If you’re not a fan of a spicy kick, the guajillo salsa is ideal for you as it’s closer to a smokey flavor reminiscent of paprika. The guajillo chile is the dried form of mirasol chili originally from the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. Due to its rising popularity as it’s one of the primary ingredients in tamales, the guajillo chile spread nationwide as it is a true savory delicacy. While you can use it in tamales, we recommend a more straightforward recipe with this salsa, like mixing it with shredded chicken or beef to create an authentic Mexican taco.


Spanish Food

Spanish cuisine is based on extensive use of olive oil and nibbling on appetizers before your main course! Our procurement team selected the Señorio de Jaime Rosell Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Guindilla peppers as part of this great ensemble. The supreme quality of the Señorio de Jaime Rosell extra virgin olive oil is the direct result of the Sala-Lopez families and their Arbequina olives from Alicante, Spain. With an intensely fruity aroma and slightly bittersweet taste, the well-rounded pungency of the oil comes with notes of wood and balsamic. This exclusive bottle set combines the ancient traditions and latest technologies to preserve the family recipe for an exquisite taste. While you are cooking utilizing the Spanish olive oil, you may enjoy the natural flavor of the Spanish guindillas. With a light spicy flavor that may vary from palate to palate, the guindilla peppers are set to enhance and brighten your favorite Spanish dishes with a taste of the Basque region of Spain. TerraMar Imports brings a tapas appetizer from Logroño, Spain, to provide the true tapas tradition and experience the city’s authentic charms. Also known as a wine region, the guindillas can be consumed with your favorite cabernet or added to your stews to provide worldly flavor.

United States

Gourmet American Food

Last but not least, our home turf of the United States offers more than you can imagine! Covering the 50 states searching for hidden gems, our procurement team has located sweet and savory products from Illinois and Texas. Spirit & Co, based in Westchester, Illinois, has become one of our partners as we have the same mission alignment of authentic, handcrafted, and distinctive taste in steak sauces. By adding craft liquor to the recipe, Spirit & Co focuses on enhancing flavors and adding a layer of excitement. The Cabernet Sauvignon Steak Sauce, their signature product, is a rich and tangy sauce with deep wine notes and a black pepper finish that goes great on steak, pork, chicken, and even plant-based food! If you’re more of a sweet-tooth connoisseur, the Blackberry Pecan preserve from The Great San Saba River Pecan Company is a Texas-based company with award-winning gourmet products produced by the San Saba River. With almost 10,000 pecan trees growing in the pecan orchard, summer’s favorite berry paired with glorious pecans creates the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients. Whether you add it to your breakfast waffles or garnish an afternoon ice cream snack, the blackberry pecan preserve will have you craving another jar before you even finish it.

As TerraMar Imports continues to grow, our World Box collection will also continue to expand with other culinary delicacies from across the globe shipped to your home. Follow us on this journey to ignite a spark in your culinary interests and taste the flavors of different cultures. You may find inspiration in something you’ve never thought of before.

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